Kyle Orton, DrunkAthlete.com poster boy

Last Friday's blog about new Broncos QB Kyle Orton and his party-hearty proclivities turns out to be the tip of the ice tray when it comes to snapshots of Mr. O getting his drink on. Indeed, type "Kyle Orton" into Google and the second word that comes up -- after "injury" -- is "drunk." Unsurprisingly, he's a favorite on a website called DrunkAthlete.com, which specializes in snapshots of imbibing jocks. Example: a post earlier this month featuring the dear, departed Jay Cutler hoisting a brown beverage to his lips includes links to an Orton montage of likker-lovin' shots, several of which turned up in our earlier item, plus "Kyle Orton -- Back Again," distinguished by the photo above and several other moments that no doubt filled Kyle's mom with pride.

Unfortunately, there may not be many more images like these in the future. According to a September 2008 blog on Deadspin.com, Orton has solemnly vowed not to be caught drunk on camera again. This promise is all the more reason to cherish the photos on view after the jump -- including the ones of Sweet Baby Jay. Click "Continue" to check them out:

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