Last dance for The Pole?

Last week, Max Media replaced its well-regarded Indie 101.5 format (still audible online at Indie303.com) with The Pole, described as "Stripper Radio." Jeff Norman, the general manager of 101.5 and its sister station, Hot 107.1, has thus far avoided publicly admitting that the current sound is a stunt designed to draw attention to an impending switch to something more long-term, although he came close in a Westword blog on Tuesday. Now, however, the end seems near. The station has been slipping hints between airings of Eurythmics' "Here Comes the Rain Again" and Warrant's "Cherry Pie" about a major announcement coming today at 4 p.m. The promo is delivered by a breathy femme who promises, "It's so big, you're going to explode!"

Anyone have some tissue?

Could this tease mean the 101.5 debut of an FM-talk slate, as has been widely rumored for the better part of a week, or something entirely different? Hard to say. But odds are mighty good that those of you in love with a stripper (and the music she slithers to) will have to find a new soundtrack very soon.

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