Last night's behind-the-scenes glimpse at Channel 31

We love when performers and public figures go off when they don't realize cameras are rolling and microphones are on. Take, for instance, Christian Bale's astonishing on-set rant or then-President George Bush confiding to veep Dick Cheney that the New York Times' Adam Clymer is an asshole. It's disappointing to learn, then, that members of the Channel 31 staff didn't do embarrass themselves (or amuse the rest of us) last night, when the live online stream of the 9 p.m. newscast came up five minutes early. According to a viewer who happened to be online at the time, audio and occasional video were available during that span. Unfortunately, pretty much the only things that happened were Natalie Tysdal fiddling with her mic and Ron Zappolo cracking completely benign jokes, none of which started with "There once was a man from Nantucket...." Hopefully, the next time such a glitch occurs, they can reward us with some naughtier behavior.

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