Last tango for Charles Gale

Charles Gale.

Tango teacher Charles Gale has stopped dancing around with authorities. Yesterday, he pleaded guilty to third-degree misdemeanor assault in a case that involved charges of touching a dance student in a sexual manner. That's a better deal than he'd been offered before -- but then, because of courtroom recording problems, there was also the possibility that Gale would get a new trial, and the prosecution wasn't eager to put its witnesses through that ordeal. Under the plea agreement, Gale won't have to register as a sex offender; his sentencing is scheduled for September 26.

As you might imagine, there's a lot more to the story than that -- and Westword's Luke Turf told it in "Dirty Dancing," an August 2007 feature article. Read it and judge Gale's moves for yourself. -- Michael Roberts

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