Lea Porter disappearance: Chris Waide busted on suspicion of sex assault, murder

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The Help Find Lea Porter Facebook page features numerous photos and missing posters of Porter, as well as a screen capture from a Tumblr page that offers an indication of her values: While the missing persons report on Porter was filed on the 5th, the Canon City Daily Record quotes Porter's mom, Rene Jackson, as saying she's actually been gone since June 3. In a June 11 article, Jackson told the newspaper Porter and her boyfriend had spent the night at the Castle Rock Inn in Castle Rock on June 2. However, Porter is said to have been upset that her boyfriend was moving out of state and traveled to Westminster on the 3rd to stay with what's described as "a male friend" with whom she'd gone to school.

CBS4 identifies that friend as Waide, seen in the following Facebook photo:

Porter's car was found abandoned at Waide's apartment building; it's been impounded. As for Waide, the Daily Record reports that he initially told police Porter had received a phone call at about 11 p.m. on June 3 and split. According to him, he last saw her leaving in a light-colored truck.

Since then, Waide has placed numerous items about Porter on his Facebook page. For instance, he shared the following poster on June 6 under the line "Please share this. We just want to know she is safe. We miss her very much:"

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