Leaked! 2011 Denver #WebAwards winners

OK, it's not really a leak if the source publishes the info -- more like a sneak-peek of Denver #WebAwards winners, we're publishing ten award winners this morning, in advance of tonight's party at Casselman's. It's open to anyone age 21 and up at 8 p.m.. (although anyone on our list of finalists can show up at 7 p.m. for a VIP reception with music, free food and drink). Read on to see if you're a winner in this year's Tournament of Interwebs Champions. @matt9duchene is Denver's Best Local Athlete on Twitter Tim Tebow may get all the attention, but the Denver athlete with the most entertaining Twitter account is Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche -- if for no other reason than this: He doesn't just use Twitter as a PR tool, nor does he use it for self-aggrandizing or shit talk. Instead, he uses it like the rest of us do. Case in point: His live tweets of the Country Music Awards. Duchene's updates on the CMAs probably annoyed some of his followers, but that just makes him all the more one of us. "Sorry if I annoyed anyone else as much as @TJGaliardi, the CMAs are just a big tv night for me haha." It's okay, Matt. We're still following you. -- Nick Lucchesi

Finalists: - @TimTebow - @matt9duchene - @eddieroyal19 - @Arron_Afflalo - @TJGaliardi

Boulder's Best Twitter User is @downtownboulder Group-run public city accounts don't have to be boring. There's a reason Downtown Boulder boasts more than 7,000 followers: Its short, straight-to-the-point updates cover both the basics and the deep cuts of events, openings, concerts, restaurant news and the mildly awe-inspiring span of goings-on near the city's Pearl Street Mall. But pay careful attention to the hashtags here: They often betray the real opinion (read: sarcasm) of an otherwise perfectly polite account. -- Kelsey Whipple

Finalists: - @downtownboulder - @RalphieReport - @boulderrunner - @Bits4You - @PivotGuild

@JohnElway is Denver's Best Sports Team on Twitter Now, before you cry foul because John Elway isn't technically a team, but a person (albeit a larger-than-life one around these parts), know that tweets from @JohnElway provide front-office insight about the Broncos in a way we wish all pro-sports team Twitter accounts did. While @Denver_Broncos may shill merch sales or its own @BroncosTV brand, Elway tweets about what's going on out there on the field. For casual and obsessive Broncos fans alike, he's a must-follow. -- Nick Lucchesi

Finalists: - @JohnElway - @ColoradoRapids - @Avalanche - @Rockies - @CUBuffs

Ski & Snow Report is Denver's Best Sports Phone App This app is our winner for one reason: the "Powder Alerts" function, which allows a user to set up an alert that will notify him when snowfall in his favorite ski area has increased. Want to know when the high country's gotten more than four inches? You'll be alerted ― hopefully with enough time to call in sick to work that day. -- Nick Lucchesi

Finalists: - Epic Mix by Vail Resorts - Ski & Snow Report (Mountain News Corp) owned by Vail - Boulder County Trails - Denver Browns Baseball - Predominantly Orange

Phish Show Parking Lot Fight is Denver's Most Viral Local Video of the Year
 This video is gruesome. A skinny, shirtless man covered in blood faces off against a clearly upset (and much bigger) guy with a graying ponytail while onlookers in the parking lot of a September Phish show at Dick's Sporting Goods Park shout things like "You're gonna go to fucking jail, dumbass!" The video spread like wildfire, inspiring hundreds of comments, dueling Facebook pages and a Westword cover story. -- Melanie Asmar

Finalists: - CSU's Ram's Pointe pool party videos - Phish show parking lot fight - Greeley's Josh Mullin unknowingly proposes to girlfriend on live TV - Southwest pilot's rant about "homosexuals" and "grannies" - Moose vs. snowmobiler - Anus testimony before the Colorado State Senate - Bro narrates snow storm

Page down for more winners -- including some sexy ones! Mike Henderson is Denver's Best Bartender on Twitter
 Henderson, who tends bar at Root Down, sure likes his spirits. And he's not afraid to do some shameful self-promoting, either, luring drinkers to his watering hole with tweets promising hard-to-get New Glarus beer from Wisconsin and a drink called the Beet Down. (LOL). But he's not all biznass, all the time. The guy also has a sense of humor, as is evident in this tweet: "Are your Mojitos gluten-free?" #onlyincolorado -- Melanie Asmar

Finalists: - @JLeeBlackbelly - @SeanKenyon - @BryanDColorado - @UnBoulevardier - @MikeHendersonCO

The Redheaded Slut is Denver's Best Sex Blogger The Redheaded Slut is a self-described "kinky Stepford wife." She's also a no-holds-barred sex blogger with a sense of humor. Her posts are often funny and easy to read, even for those not familiar with the jargon of the kink scene. Take this snippet from a recent post: "I'm going to throw an ice cream fetishist party. It's only going to be for hardcore dairy aficionados. The lactose-intolerant need not apply. Aren't a fan of cones? Don't show up. Not into sprinkles? Get the hell out. Fro-yo lovers? What. The. Fuck." -- Melanie Asmar

Finalists: - Eveybird: A Voyeur on Display - The Redheaded Slut - Shanna Katz - Mistress Saskia - Black Empress

@VagTalk is Denver's Best Artist on Twitter 
Denver-based comic-book artist and poet Sommer Browning is really fucking funny. Whether it's a twitpic glimpse of her book Either Way I'm Celebrating, which details the things she's belligerently against (iced coffee, flip-flops, therapy and getting her picture taken) or a charmingly irreverent statement like "Modern day vampire test: See if their fingers can activate an iPhone," cue the girl crush now. Not particularly for the faint of heart, VagTalk's humor is sometimes dark and dirty, but you probably already figured that out. -- Jenny An

Finalists: - @DenverArt - @MissIllustrator - @VagTalk - @DenverArtMuseum - @Trypnotik

Penny Parker is Denver's Biggest Foursquare Addict Ever met Denver Post gossip columnist and blogger Penny Parker in person (say that three times fast)? That's okay, she'll probably friend you on Foursquare -- the addicting social check-in game -- anyway. With more than 1,800 check-ins under her belt, Parker seems to be out and about as much as anyone in Denver. And she should be: How else would she land those scoops? -- Nick Lucchesi

Finalists: - Penny Parker - Tim Jackson - Rockstar Aaron - Danny Newman

StagePass is Denver's Best Locally Designed Music App This smartphone application was just released, but it's unparalleled on the open market (recording studios use this technology). StagePass allows you to filter all your music through a certain algorithm so that the audio sounds exactly as it would if you were actually at one of the featured venues. Are you sad that your favorite band has yet to grace the stage at Red Rocks? Fear not: StagePass allows you to hear that super-underground indie band just as if they were rocking the Rocks. Comprising more than 45 venues so far, StagePass will continue to update its featured venues so you can re-create that one memory from that one show at that one place. -- Britt Chester

Finalists: - Stage Pass - Cleartune

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