LEGO my library: Imagine Rigney's cool homage to Michael Graves

Kids do the darnedest things with LEGO bricks and games, as Joel Warner pointed out in this feature last January. But few projects are quite the labor of love involved in one fifteen-year-old devotee's astonishing replica of the Denver Public Library on Broadway: 7,000 bricks, two solid weeks of full-time construction...and no glue, of course.

Budding engineer Imagine Rigney (yes, that's his real name) moved to Denver this summer and got hooked on architect Michael Graves's vision for the downtown library. Rigney's tribute isn't on public display at the moment, but staff at the central branch have been given a glimpse of it and have marveled at the attention to detail, right down to the sculptures outside and the different-colored bricks.

"Google's 3D Warehouse came in handy for getting shots of every part of the building," Rigney explains in a statement accompanying the work. "The curved part of the building and the support beams on the roof were the most challenging."

For larger photos of what Rigney wrought, look below. For more of his colorful details and other designs, go here and here.

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