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2.) Mr. Barnes compares the Tennessee Boys to the Stray Cats. This really hurts Mr. Barnes's credibility. Anyone who knows what real rockabilly is would know not to bring up the Stray Cats in this case, because the Stray Cats are not a rockabilly band. (So there is no confusion, let me make clear that I personally like the Stray Cats.)

3.) Regarding the language barrier: Yes, the Tennessee Boys do have slight accents. But I personally know the boys, and I know they began singing as children with old American records. Since the singing voice is different than the speaking voice, why is it so hard to believe that they can sound so authentic? As a matter of fact, one night Pedro and I even laughed that he had trouble singing with a Portuguese accent.

4.) Instead of making prejudgments, Mr. Barnes should maybe go see the Boys live. If he does not like the band after that, cool. But at least he would know that this is a real rockabilly band. That is, if he knows anything about rockabilly (that Stray Cats comparison really makes me wonder).

Little Roy Williamson

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