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I moved here because they were building a toxic-waste incinerator only a few miles from my home. I didn't want my kids to be born with two fingers and ten eyes. Everyone wants to consume and create waste, but no one is willing to clean up. We all gotta pay our dues. It might be more worth your while to gaze at the smokestacks of Rocky Flats (only twenty miles away) when you're complaining about 100-mile-per-hour winds. And let's top that off with the fact that Boulder has the highest cancer rate in the entire state of Colorado, with air pollution two-thirds that of Denver and a population only a fraction of the size. If the smell bothers you, stuff your nose in your armpit--there are people out here who are truly suffering. Quit being so selfish!

We can whine forever about the quality of life and never enjoy what we do have. I guess it's always going to be something. Wait until a toxic incinerator is being built close to your grandchildren's future homes--then we'll talk politics.

Benjamin Corbett

Standing on Ceremony
Womyn's truth: In July 1994 I spent five and a half hours sharing my story with Steve Jackson. To this day, I am appalled and furious with the way he decimated my story ("Bad Medicine," July 27, 1994). Only 20 percent of the truth was told; everything else was twisted, misquoted and willfully misrepresented.

Oscar Brave Eagle is guilty of first-degree sexual assault (a class 3 felony). I know it, he knows it, a nine-man, three-womyn jury in Larimer County knows it...but most important, Wakan Tanka knows it. He faces a sentence of four to sixteen years.

For the record, I would like to make it very clear that I do not charge for ceremonies! Never have, never will. I find it interesting that those who know me, live with me and work with me speak highly of my integrity, while those who gawk from the sidelines cause me nothing but misery. Several years ago I had an Indian grandmother explain it to me wonderfully: "You are more Indian than the Indians, and they hate you for it." I will always be thankful for her insight. I walk my talk! It is also quite amazing that no one who discounts this case came to the courtroom to hear my testimony; I believe they knew if they heard the truth of my story, they would be swayed to switch sides of the fence.

I also must make it clear that I did not give my medicine name for publication. This is pure blasphemy, and Steve Jackson must take full credit and responsibility for doing so. He whines a lot about "co-opting," yet if he had any respect for our ways, he would never have done such a disgraceful thing.

It would take several hundred words to discount and set true all the errors in both the original article and the most recent piece in the April 12 issue, "Overturned." I suggest those who seek the truth watch other publications that soon will be printing stories of their own. The Larimer County Court records are also public documents available for your review. Or call me directly, for I am always willing to speak the truth.

Oscar chose the wrong womyn to harm this time. He's been found guilty, and he will soon suffer the consequences of his actions. Let his example be a warning to all "medicine men," priests, gurus, professors, etc., who use rape as a way of stealing power: Whether you or your own people choose to take responsibility, there are serious consequences for your weakness. When all men are shown that ten minutes of violent sex consistently receives ten years in prison, the crimes committed against womyn and children will cease. Until then, we must pray for the courage and strength to fight our individual battles through to the end.

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