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Ben Fiedler

Blow Hard
Ward Harkavy's treatise on Paul Cameron ("Slay It With a Smile," October 3) was well-done but just misses the mark.

Mr. Cameron is a slick, educated con man who has found a way to sell hatred for profit. He is devoid of decency, honesty and compassion. Only a morally corrupt individual could do what he does. He is a corn-belt Hitler who has found the ideal scapegoat: homosexuals. Cameron has set himself up as an authority, but he is on the outside looking in.

We (homosexuals) are just beginning to find ourselves. We are just starting to record and express our very rich and diverse gay culture in this country. Legitimate scientific studies have emerged. Gay and lesbian writers are securing a place in history. We are claiming our enormous contributions to American society.

Mr. Cameron is trying to rob us of our true identity by ignoring the truth.
What of the organizations that contract to use the garbage that Cameron packs so neatly? The true activities and motives of these so-called religious nonprofits are known to the men who pull the strings. These men (Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, Lou Shelton, et al.) control a myriad of stealth organizations dedicated to undermining and twisting the laws of our country. They are using Cameron as a lightning rod. He is well compensated for taking the heat.

When those on the radical religious right speak of a "homosexual agenda," they hide their own agenda.

The fact that these devious people are conducting business in our state and enjoying tax-exempt status makes me wonder how long Coloradans are going to tolerate subsidizing hate. Not only do they not pay taxes, they are costing taxpayers money by creating lawsuits (such as the Amendment 2 battle) that must be defended at the expense of the state!

I can't think of a better reason for Coloradans to vote for the amendment ending tax exemptions for property owned by churches and nonprofit organizations (such as Focus on the Family) that will be on the November 5 ballot.

Anthony Palange Jr.

This is to Paul Cameron: Wow. What a shame to have lived your life propagating hatred. You obviously have much passion for your cause, but what a bad place for it to go. That waste of time and energy in your life could actually have been spent productively, doing things that might have helped humanity rather than hurt it. Just think: You could have used that energy to teach history, or art, or science, bringing the light of intelligence and experience to young children or adults. You could have used that passion to be an artist who created some great sculpture in a public park or made a tremendous, bright painting for a gallery. Maybe you could have been a lover of peace, instead of serving hatred, and led movements against war and prejudice. Maybe you could have gone so far as to have researched and even discovered a cure for AIDS instead of wagging your finger and running off your mouth.

But I really do encourage you to keep talking, because what you are ultimately doing is calling attention to homosexuality instead of keeping it in the closet (which is what you want, anyway), and this attention is exactly what it needs. The more you talk about it, the more you agitate those who are repulsed by your brand of hate and who in turn set out to educate people about the truth: that it is not a disease but a difference--one of many--among people, and that is all.

Blab away, loser.
Nicole Elmer

Recent research has been conducted that separated men into two groups. The participants had not had sexual experiences with men before. One group contained men who were not homophobic and the other group contained men who were homophobic. Both groups were shown gay pornographic videos. The non-homophobic group had no sexual reaction to the videos. However, the men in the homophobic group experienced erections.

With Mr. Cameron's continued obsession against gays and lesbians, one cannot help but wonder just how hard his pee-pee gets when he sees other men. Sounds like a personal problem.

John R. Selig
Dallas, TX

There is some uncareful writing in the Paul Cameron article. To wit: "...descriptions of sexual practices and diseases, warned, in essence, that Colorado was about to be overrun by an army of anus-lickers and child molesters, ignoring the fact that many heterosexuals also do such things..."

This passage says, in effect, that all homosexuals are child molesters and that many heterosexuals are also child molesters. I am guessing that it was not the intent of the author to portray homosexuals as child molesters. It is unfortunate that the wording of this passage forces a simple thought so horribly afoul of the facts. While some child molesters are homosexuals, the vast majority are not, and the percentage of child molesters that are homosexual is in fact smaller than the percentage of Americans that are homosexual.

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