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Please be careful. No press is in such danger of losing credibility as the alternative press.

Jon Plummer
via the Internet

If I believed in such a concept, I would consider Mr. Cameron to be one of the most spectacular examples of evil incarnate alive today. His vendetta against us has absolutely no basis in fact, and it represents the worldview of a narrow-minded, mean-spirited bigot.

Particularly offensive to me are his remarks about people with AIDS and his characterization that "most gays are veritable Typhoid Marys, pursuing and being pursued by others as biologically lethal as themselves and having sex in settings unrivaled for stupidity and squalor." Most gay men I know--and I think Mr. Cameron is talking about gay men, as he probably doesn't believe we dykes really exist--are very aware of the chances they take by having unprotected sex with strangers, and squalid settings are not their first or even second or third choice for sexual encounters. Of course, there are men who are addicted to sex in both the hetero and homosexual populations, and yes, these men do seek multiple sexual encounters, many times without regard to the health and cleanliness of their partners. But these are the exceptions and not the rule. Among my friends, some of the most stable relationships are between gay men. One such relationship is now in its fortieth year!

I have cared for, and mourned the deaths of, friends who were dying of AIDS and who have been artists, writers, musicians and, yes, even some lawyers, doctors, stockbrokers and psychologists. Talented, loving, caring, beautiful human beings reduced to 89-pound skeletons, covered with Kaposi's sarcoma, blind from CMV retinitis, accepting death with equanimity, dignity, spiritual integrity and sometimes even humor--all dead, from infection by a virus that is an equal-opportunity killer. It has no preferences for sexual orientation or gender or social class. It is just as voracious in the body of a suburban housewife as it is in the body of an urban gay.

I don't think Mr. Cameron's hateful commentary should be encouraged by your or any other news service. Giving him a forum is tacit to sanctioning his behavior and his viewpoint. I agree with Professor James Cole, who says that Cameron is without "moral inhibition," and I think that is evidence of a serious behavioral disorder.

Sarah J. Chambers
Oakland, CA

As a socially conscious and productive member of the gay and lesbian community, I am outraged by the cover story regarding radical right, anti-gay zealot Paul Cameron. Although Ward Harkavy appears to try to diffuse Mr. Cameron's perverse and unscientific opinions about the gay community by allowing his vulgar proliferation to speak for itself, the article is negligent in its omission of factual information.

I find it incredible that a paper with your longevity and liberal reputation would devote a cover story to a man who ultimately calls for the extermination of all homosexuals. Not only is this shock journalism insulting to the intelligence of any sane, compassionate reader, but it gives a voice to ideas that should be reprehensible by today's consciousness without the benefit of countering them with scientific data. Mr. Cameron clearly has no business having any kind of public forum if he can "laugh" about the hundreds of thousands of gay men who have died from AIDS in this country. If Mr. Harkavy had written his article on a neo-Nazi skinhead who displayed a similar reaction to the Holocaust, I am sure the magnitude of this irresponsibility toward a viable segment of the community would have been realized.

Do Mr. Cameron and Westword not realize that AIDS is a worldwide epidemic with 60 percent of all known HIV infections transmitted through heterosexual contact? Why were this man's ill-formed observations allowed to stand without any facts to the contrary? In the interest of journalism, perhaps Westword should do a better job of informing its readers whether what they're reading is truth or cheap, dime-store fiction. In this case, Mr. Cameron's unchecked philosophy is too chillingly reminiscent of the propaganda of one Adolph Hitler.

Laney McVicker

Bolder Boulder
In response to the courageous (and ubiquitous) Name Withheld on Request who wrote the October 3 letter about Alan Prendergast's September 19 "Shut Up and Deal" and asked, regarding Boulder County's aggressive desire to preserve open space, "Is Boulder's abuse of power any better than that of other cities and counties that allow rampant development to occur on every square foot?" Yes.

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