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Norman Ely

Well, now, "God's Own Country" was a scary one. Why? Because my daughter is involved with Faith Bible Chapel. I think there is a big reason Americans requested early in our history the separation of religion and government. The story of FBC is so similar to that of Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Jones and many others of our historical era--and even in our own area. The scary thing is that I've had suspicions something was fishy about FBC. Little did I know that I wasn't the only one.

Name withheld on request

I am a pro-life activist and speak out about the issue three to five times a week, as do my best friends. We thank Barry Arrington for sponsoring the partial-birth abortion bill. However, in hindsight, I saw him wimp out--therefore, he was not walking his faith to the end. His little "protest" of walking out of the hearing was a copout. The wicked run when no man pursues them, but the righteous are bold as lions. We activists stayed to the end and defended the unborn. I'm praying he learns his lesson from this. You can't be double-minded and get our votes.

As for Ken Scott availing color photos of a partial-birth abortion to our "leaders," it was only a blink of time that their eyes saw the truth. On the other hand, Dr. Warren Hern views it regularly. This act must be criminalized by our lawmakers now, or their blood (the babies') is upon your (lawmakers') hands.

Last, I'd like to address George Morrison, and pastors in general. All pastors seem to idolize three things: large congregations, church property and tax exemptions. The fear of losing any or all of these makes them an idol, and because of these idols, the pastors won't speak out boldly against this wicked practice and motivate their members to take a stand against abortion. Praying, voting, writing, calling congressmen and running for office is not enough! You must motivate your sheep to take a stand daily! Just remember: You're either a pro-life activist, or you're pro-choice. That's where the line is drawn.

C. Miller

Rush to Judgement
In your May 1 issue, Derf did a comic depicting the "fitting death" of conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. When Derf did this, he (generic he, that is--Derf could be a she or an it, for all we know!) showed that he was just another intellectual dolt. But, more important, it showed Westword's true colors and political bias as just another left-wing, liberal, politically correct, elitist newspaper that will sink to the lowest levels of discourse and will not thoughtfully discriminate when something is in extremely poor taste and might offend many readers... which this did.

Derf's comic shows an "unwed, teenage welfare mom" crossing a street intersection when Rush, driving toward the intersection, hits his brakes so as not to hit the teen mom. This forces a "misfired air bag" to deploy, thereby killing him in a manner similar to the recent decapitation death of a little girl. And this is supposed to be funny?

To some people, this sick kind of ad hominem humor might be funny, especially if those same people were members of the National Organization for Women, the Democratic National Committee or Hand Gun Control, Inc.--in other words, people with some political agenda. However, many readers of Westword also tune in to Rush's radio program and may even subscribe to his monthly newsletter because they agree with his political views (God forbid!) or because they find him to be an articulate spokesman for the conservative viewpoint. In a given week, approximately 20 million listeners tune in to Rush's show on 640 radio stations in the U.S. and Guam, making him the most listened-to radio personality anywhere in the U.S.

Wake up and smell the java, Westword! Even President Clinton warns against any and all "language of division"--the kind of language you promoted by printing that cartoon. No wonder your paper is free. Who'd buy it if it weren't?

Chris Bertolett
via the Internet

Who Do You Trust?
Stuart Steers's April 24 "Roll On, Columbia," on the privatization (profitization) of nonprofit Denver hospitals and the founding of the Colorado Trust, prompts me to comment on my involvement with a Colorado Trust promotion he mentioned, the Healthy Communities Initiative.

The Boulder County Healthy Communities Initiative is now into "Phase Two." As a concerned citizen, I have attended most of our public "stakeholder" meetings. After several meetings conducted by professional facilitators under the often admiring eyes of local politicians, I contacted Colorado Trust to learn more. A most helpful staff sent me complete documentation and answered my questions. I applaud the goal of Colorado Trust. It is the implementation of HCI that troubles me.

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