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Come to your senses, Westword: Denver deserves better.
Stanley Eiznars

It seems the Boulder Police Department will never figure out who murdered JonBenet Ramsey, so I'm wondering if they could focus their attention on who killed KBCO. What was once a great radio station has been reduced to drivel. KBCO has a slogan for its music: "World Class Rock." This could very easily be world-class repetition. I get the idea that KBCO radio receives only one song from every compact disc that is released. Does anybody out there know of any other tune by the Finn Brothers or the Ugly Americans? Not if you listen to KBCO. That leads me to another thing: Who do you think informs the program director what world-class rock consists of? Surely the Stray Cats, the Knack, Hootie and the Blowfish, John Mellencamp, Tears for Fears and Robert Plant would be part of any music-lovers' collection. I guess all you have to do is hear them continuously, and if that doesn't impair you in one form or another, well, then you're ready for KBCO radio.

Mark Naber

All Jammed Up
A note to all music fans: Michael Roberts's distorted and overwhelmingly negative review of Pearl Jam's Yield (Playlist, February 19) inspired me to respond to his pathetic rant about a wonderful release by a talented and dedicated group of musicians. Mr. Roberts seems to be more interested in spouting catchy put-downs of a band he obviously doesn't like in the first place than he is about being open-minded to the album's music. Hmm, isn't being open-minded a prerequisite to being a critic? In this instance, it appears not.

With that in mind, why should we care what he has to say? All right, everyone together on the count of three: We don't.

My biggest gripe is Mr. Roberts's nasty tone. He is entirely off-base with respect to the songs' quality. There are great grooves and insightful lyrics throughout. I guess he wasn't listening; maybe he needed a video accompaniment.

Mr. Roberts attacks Pearl Jam's stand against Ticketmaster ("have resulted in no videos"), in effect saying the idea of a band trying to control its ticket pricing by a monopolistic entity is somehow compromising its ability to make music. Mr. Roberts, where exactly is the connection? In addition, Pearl Jam has consciously decided to not make videos for its own reasons--none of which have anything to do with taking a stand against Ticketmaster. The bandmembers prefer to let the imagery of their songs be the experience for the listener. Remember when, before videos, you actually had to listen to a song and use your own experience to relate?

If you are a fan or even someone who likes some of Pearl Jam's material, check this one out--it's a keeper. Whatever you do, don't let Mr. Roberts's shortsighted and mean review influence you. See you and PJ at Fiddler's on June 23.

Michael Hendler

An Oldie but a Goodie
Thanks a great big ol' Texas-sized bunch for Michael Roberts's article on the Old 97's ("Everything Old Is New Again," February 19). Having met the group last year when they were in town for a two-night stop, I can honestly say that you won't find a nicer group of guys that can kick the hell out of a song. What's equally evident is the fun and enthusiasm the 97's have in playing their music and the charisma that Rhett exudes on stage. Don't miss a live show if you can help it.

In today's format-dominated radio world, it really is a shame that more people never will experience the 97's hard-driving, straightforward sound. Let's hope that financial pressures and numerical expectations don't force the band to give up the ghost before they make it big. I can't say enough good things about them. Thanks again for the article, Michael!

Jeff Hams
Grand Junction

Deals on Wheels
In Tony Perez-Giese's "Take It for a Ride," in the February 5 issue, it amazed me to read about all the "shiny deals" that get looked over as "normal business." Interesting, too, how much money those same dealers gave to kill Guide the Ride and public transit. More customers to shyst?

I gave up using my automobile because of car dealers and the cost of keeping a vehicle on the road. I can't start my vehicle for what it costs me to ride public transit. Riding public transit is also my contribution to society, in not adding to the cloud. Interesting, who's manipulating whom!

Jay Jones

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