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I find it ironic that the Westword staff would publish yet another article misrepresenting the truth in the same issue in which it admits to misstating the legal status of an NLRB complaint against Maintenance Unlimited, Inc.

It's humorous to note that Westword reserves the right to edit letters "for libel, length and clarity." It should apply the same criteria to its articles.

Brandon Zupancic
via the Internet

Editor's note: For the next installment in the Maintenance Unlimited saga--which started with Stuart Steers's July 23 story "Janitors in a Conundrum" and continued with a judge last week finding that the company had indeed violated the National Labor Relations Act--see this week's Off Limits.

Don't Touch That Dial!
Thank you so much for printing the July 30 letter from the TCI representative, responding to your July 9 Off Limits item. It is so nice to hear the vampire's opinion while it's sucking on your neck. And a few lies can easily be slipped into a few truths.

TCI was granted a monopoly years ago, when it was not feasible for multiple companies to put up cable TV lines that consumers could choose from. And for that, TCI is now a giant with giant buying power.

The upgrading is now more prominent in the Polo Grounds and Circle Drive than at 35th and Federal. Digital cable is more prominent in new homes than older. That is to be expected.

As for better products and service, when has your cost gone down?
And TCI lies about adding Comedy Central and WGN. TCI had them and dropped them. All of a sudden they "add" them. Go figure. And, yes, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week you can get a recorded message from TCI when you call them--if the line is not busy.

Thank you, TCI, for your truths. Stop cramming your lies down my throat.
Name withheld on request

Location, Location, Location
Get real, guys. It looks like Westword's been taking too many tips from the Web industry. Your investigative reporting is lacking as much direction as MapQuest's maps. Regarding the July 30 Off Limits, I believe your data is a little out of date. Yahoo dropped MapBlast (Vicinity Corp., several months ago. They replaced the service with--you guessed it--MapQuest.

Considering that MapQuest is located just down the street from your office, at 1730 Blake Street, I can't imagine it too far of a stretch for you to confirm your data. If you can't afford the local phone charges, your writers could at least stop by on the way back from Starbucks.

If you're going to self-righteously slam local businesses, spend the time getting the good dirt. There's plenty to go around.

Craig Willis
via the Internet

Editor's note: "Months" ago? Maybe, but Yahoo was still linked to MapBlast last month. As for MapQuest, it's always been an excellent site. But our LoDo neighbors should know that the college at Evans and University is not the "University of Colorado-Denver," as MapQuest was labeling it earlier this week. It's the University of Denver--and it's just down the street from a Starbucks. CU-Denver is at Auraria, remember?

Sweet Caroline
Regarding Michael Roberts's August 6 Feedback:
The firing of Caroline Corley from KTCL has effectively added the souring, tasteless cherry to northern Colorado's bland, sugarless, fat-free radio sundae.

I always found her opinionated style and musical knowledge to be entertaining. It is unfortunate that her ability to pull no punches and express her opinion may have been her demise at KTCL, for it is these qualities that I found appealing. Her knowledge of current and especially older "alternative" music was surpassed by no one I've heard lately.

KTCL officials have done themselves and their listeners a disservice by letting Caroline go. I will no longer support such a station. I would hope that others have turned away from KTCL and mailed their "Team Adventure Card" back to the station, as I have.

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