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Where, indeed, have all the cowboys gone? We could have used a few of them, or cowgirls, or something, at the Lilywhite Fair, whose Denver lineup truly was Easy Listening, or Songs About Questioning and Doubting and Hope and Adolescence and...oh, the hell with it.

Overheard at the Lilith Fair during Sarah McLachlan's "Ice Cream":
Girl: "Oh, it's 'Ice Cream!'"
Boyfriend: "Hmm?"
Girl: "Remember, the song I played you?"
Boyfriend: (Pause) "Oh. Yeah."
Kate Johnson

Well, yet another issue, yet another desire to maim Michael Roberts's typing hands. The Denver King of the Witty (or so he would think) Put-Down has managed to slag not one but two concerts in the August 27 issue. Now, while Lilith Fair is not my taste, I get the impression that Michael rewrote his "witty" Spice Girls review ("The Spice of Life," August 13) and served it up rewarmed for us readers this week as "My Seven Hours..." But what really got to me was his cynical review of this week's Bauhaus concert in Feedback.

Despite the moron behind me singing "Dark Entrails," the concert was the most enjoyable show I have seen in a long time. The Mammoth was restaged and the sound was better than in the past (the Verve, anyone?). The song selection was great, and the bandmembers seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit. Hell, it was even nice to see a lead singer move occasionally (the Verve, anyone?). The drummer hidden? When was the last time you wanted to see a drummer? Jay (one would assume David J) was his usual somber self (Mr. Roberts, ever seen Love and Rockets?). Finally, Daniel Ash threw up a nice wall of sound that made the live sounds shine over the CDs.

It would be nice for once to see something positive come out of the Westword music section other than praise for struggling local artists, lists of people who Mr. Roberts thinks are sellouts (is there anyone left?) and pathetic cynical jokes from Mr. Roberts.

Sean McDonald
via the Internet

I was disappointed (but not surprised) by Michael Roberts's snide review of the Bauhaus concert. I don't think Roberts has ever written a positive review--but it was slightly disturbing that his review of the Spice Girls concert was more complimentary than his Bauhaus review!

Let me just say in retort to Roberts that as a fan of Bauhaus, I couldn't have been more thrilled with their August 24 concert. Peter Murphy's vampy, Bowie-like stage mannerisms are meant to be campy fun (as any fan will tell you). We as fans are thrilled that they've reunited and are thanking their fans with touring--it's the best gift imaginable. I guess that Michael Roberts doesn't understand how precious the Bauhaus concert was to fans who've worshiped this band for more than a decade and never in their wildest imaginations ever thought they would see them together again. It was by far the best concert I have ever seen.

Too bad Michael Roberts didn't enjoy the show as much as the rest of us did. Oh well, his loss. Thanks, Bauhaus!

Lisa Diedrich
via the Internet

Well-written article on Bauhaus, although it all but says that Roberts's prejudices against bands reuniting predetermined his perceptions. Unlike the sorry sods of the Pistols, these guys still had careers prior to this "resurrection," which it sounds like Roberts purposefully neglected to mention for the sake of inadvertently bolstering his point of argument. By the way, Bauhaus's members haven't gone fat---a noteworthy exception to all previous reunions!

Perhaps you owe it to readers to pass an assignment for a gig on to someone else if Roberts already has the idea he's going to write an article about "selling out" before he even gets in the door. Thank you for your attention in these none-too-delicate matters.

Scott Brown
via the Internet

We were absolutely appalled at Michael Roberts's article regarding the recent Bauhaus concert. Every single sentence he had to say was condescending to Bauhaus and its fans. So maybe Roberts isn't a fan--he has every right to not be a fan--but does it really make him feel good to put down the band and its fans to such an extreme? If he did happen to like the music, or even if he had an open mind about it, he would realize that for many people,Bauhaus played an absolutely wonderful show.

I do respect Roberts's right to free speech, and maybe he just dislikes them or this kind of music that intensely. But I would think that if you are a respected enough writer to write for Westword, that you would give a more open-minded review. This may sound trite, but different people like different music. Just because Roberts doesn't happen to be into this scene (anymore?) does not make it outdated or totally commercial and sold-out. I do happen to be an older fan (thirty), but I also do know that there are many younger fans of Bauhaus. The Bauhaus sound today for many people seems actually more fresh (different) than a lot of the overdone onslaught of the "alternative" bands on the scene today. And although I'm sure everyone wishes that ticket prices would drop a bit, Bauhaus tickets are no more expensive than those for many other very well-liked bands.

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