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COST apparently recognizes that our city fathers and mothers accommodate private enterprise like their children; they think they are just wonderful, but they cost and cost and cost. Bowlen threatens to move the Broncos on the one hand (trying to get out of a performance lease for twenty more years) and asks for money on the other. I think I've heard the words "blackmail" and "extortion."

Our city deserves an apology and continuing good faith to the lease from the Broncos.

Robert Ohlson

May Westword and writers like Stuart Steers continue to bring the truth to the fans and voters. Allowing Pat Bowlen to name his own terms for a new contract, which he cannot be trusted to honor, is not in the best interests of the citizens of the six-county special district. The stadium committee, set up by Mayor Wellington Webb and his cronies, is nothing more than a rubber stamp to meet Pat Bowlen's extortion demands for a taxpayer-guaranteed personal profitability for generations to come.

Pat Bowlen's stadium committee is just sitting back salivating, waiting to step up to the Bowlen trough, like the rest of our elected officials.

Fredrick G. Clutsom

I oppose this stadium based on poor representation, lack of fairness, and discrimination. The governments of the six metro counties and the stadium board are supposed to represent the people and businesses in the area. How is it that only one of the thousands of employers here has been singled out for a free place of work? I am sure that many employers are in very competitive situations, strapped for cash and need help with expansion. Some of them probably have many more employees that do more for Denver and have lived here longer than any of the Broncos ever would. Why isn't the referendum this fall asking if the citizens would like a sales-tax hike to offer all employers help with a free place of work? Is this not discrimination and poor representation by our elected and selected officials?

I am afraid that the only solution at this point is a court injunction to the referendum based on discrimination and unfair representation.

J.R. Donnalley

On November 3, residents of the six-county metro area will have an opportunity to vote on whether or not to help finance a new multi-use stadium. Citizens for a New Stadium (CFANS) would like to share ways we all win with a "yes" vote.

Great facilities are a major part of what makes the metro area a fantastic place to live. Like these other facilities, the new stadium will not be built unless the public leads the way. The stadium will ensure that the Broncos remain in Denver for at least twenty years. They will be able to remain competitive since they will be back in a comparable financial position with other NFL teams.

Dorothy Phillips

"Everybody wins," right? Wrong. Pat Bowlen wins, of course, and millions of Colorado tax dollars will head for Canada. Elway? Yep, he's a winner, and I guess he'll hire another "personal spokesman" to tell us what a saint he is. The rest of the Broncos win, for sure, and they'll still be making in an hour enough to support several Denver families for a year or more. The stadium board didn't do so well, but they'll still be sharing an executive box that you and I will never sit in. Everybody but you and I is a winner, and you'll soon see an intense advertising campaign supporting this bad deal--and, yep, we'll be paying for that, too.

Or we can dump this obscene proposal, dump the Bronco-worshiping stadium board that sold us to Canada and negotiate a stadium package that'll give Denver-area working men and women a decent return for their hard-earned tax dollars.

Seva Mock

All's Affair in Love and War
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Speaking From Experience," in the September 17 issue:

I don't think Governor Romer's admitted affair with B.J. Thornberry ought to be included in the same vein as the Lewinsky/Clinton scandal. Governor Romer's nonsexual affair is decidedly not an issue that can be placed on the same table as the personal affair and behavior that has necessitated efforts to impeach the President of the United States.

Having admitted his own affair, and as chief of the Democratic National Committee, Romer has stated, "The president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky was wrong." I ask: Why does it seem necessary to make any "affair" sexual in nature?

John Abbott

Juvenilia Delinquent
To Kenny Be: In your September 24 Worse-Case Scenario on the 16th Street Mall's personalities, didn't you mean to say "prospective" (adjective meaning likely to occur or expected), not "perspective" (noun meaning point of view or technique for showing three dimensions)?

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