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Here is a parody of Trial by Jury written for the impeachment proceedings and trial:

Hark, the hour of ten is sounding/
Senators with anxious fears abounding/
Hall of Senate crowds surrounding/
Breathing hopes and fears/
For today in this arena/
Summoned by a Starr subpoena/
Lewinsky shortly on video will appear/
Today impeachment is the only agenda/
Bill is now in absentia/
Sleeves berobed in gold, Rehnquist, the judge presiding/
With sexual issues overriding

Hark, the hour of ten is sounding/
The words of our country's founders grounding/
Manager Hyde and Counsel Kendall around the clock/
With only the president's neck now on the dock/
Don't bring our president to sorrow/
Who loves this young intern today and another tomorrow/
Now consider the moral we pray/
Nor bring our Bill to sorrow/
Who loves this young intern today and loves another tomorrow/
Justice Rehnquist, please give us an answer to this nice dilemma/
We have here/
The question is one not of sex but perjury!

All legal furies seize you/
No proposal seems to please you/
He can't sit up here all day/
He must shortly get back to the Supremes/
Only after this mess he cleans.

The end.
Richard D. Dittamore

There's a Stage Leaving Denver
I wanted to take a moment to say how much I enjoy the reviews of Jim Lillie. As a former Denver actor, I started reading him online as a way to keep up to speed on the various theatrical projects of faraway friends. Due to Mr. Lillie's always insightful commentary, I have continued to read his reviews even though the familiar names are getting fewer and further between. Mr. Lillie's writing is of such quality that it has me reading reviews about plays I cannot go see performed by actors that I do not know for a theater company half a continent away from me. Keep up the amazing work!

Amy Roeder
via the Internet

Join the Clubs
Regarding Michael Roberts's February 18 Hit Pick:
I myself have been shocked by the upcoming support for local music by some of the venues. I hope it does continue, but the expectations in terms of numbers (attendance) can only grow if the venues allow the music to continue until the newer bands are drawing more and the knowledge that venues will be throwing down great shows is out on the street. Too often, club owners don't give their venues enough time to build a draw. I hope this doesn't happen to the Lodo Music Hall, which can hold so many people but can only expect a growing draw, not an instantaneous one.

Chuck Fishman

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