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I feel no sympathy whatsoever for the perps' families; they just passed their sick lifestyles on to their children.

Name withheld on request

Decent men like me often wonder why women are so attracted to the "bad boy." The women whom I have queried generally say that the bad boys are more exciting. Perhaps there is a genetic basis for this preference. At the same time they are attracted to "Joe Cool Bad Boy," women are perplexed as to why men are so aggressive (read: violent). Maybe we are genetically programmed to be so. Male aggression evolved so that men could procure food for and defend the territory of their family groups. The hunter/killer/territorial chimpanzee, which shares a little more than 98 percent of our genes, is more aggressive than the vegetarian/ territorial gorilla, which shares a little less than 98 percent of our genes. Aggression is in our nature. The human race would not have survived in its present form without male aggression. Females, whether non-human or human primate, appear to prefer the more agressive and dominant male.

Brandy DuVall most likely went willingly with that car full of thugs in the hopes of having a good time. She would not have joined a carload of computer geeks on their way to a seminar on how to prepare for Y2K. Who is teaching our young women that men and women are different? A carload of women would not have raped and murdered a man. In this era of the liberated female, where women are being taught to pilot war machines capable of killing thousands of people with the push of a button, who is teaching them that they cannot do everything a man can do? Who is teaching them not to accept rides with strangers? Who is teaching them to exercise better judgment? In a society where we all are considered equal, it may not be the politically correct thing to do, but it may save your daughter's life.

Name withheld on request

I just wanted to say "Dealing with the Devil" is very touching. I couldn't stop reading it. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the young girls who were murdered, and also to the mothers of the young men who committed the crime. May God bless them all.

Angela Ruiz
via the Internet

How you doing, Steve Jackson. Nice articles. You just won't stop. You know you put me in the grave--you like that, don't you? I'm no little sister like Boom and Bang. You also know I was this so-called drug rat, but then why is it that I only snitched on the Martinez sisters and no one else? I got a snitch jacket so bad now I should snitch to get out. You put smiles on the five-O, I know that for sure. I'm a walking dead man, so don't I deserve my last words?

I just want people to know some things in case I don't make it. There is one thing I agree on with little sister Boom: Five-O did turn us against each other and they won. I'm walking to my funeral. Right now, you should stop and talk to me before I get there. I want to speak my mind before I'm gone.

P.S.: Who has a hit on them now?
Salvino Martinez
Denver County Jail

Reach for the Stars
Thanks for Chris LaMorte's great "Star Hustlers," in the March 4 issue. It's really exciting to see that people can turn a passion for something like Star Wars into a career. When I became a first-generation Star Wars fanatic back in '77, my friends often ridiculed me. I remember seeing one of the worst movies ever made--D.C. Cab, with Mr. T--with my friends; I walked out as they scoffed at me, saying, "He doesn't like it because Darth Vader's not in it!" Now they can't wait to find out where Darth Vader came from in the new trilogy, and I'm riding firmly atop my high horse! Where's T?!

Star Wars has really come a long way from its humble beginnings, attaining a huge level of respect throughout our culture, and the hardcore have lovingly been there from the start.

via the Internet

Am I the only one astonished by all the Star Wars addicts? Wake up, Mr. Madsen: It's only a movie. (Even if it's a movie that you can make millions off of.)

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