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Matt Yarbrough
via the Internet

Having been a left-leaning, younger person, I thought we held the moral high ground--you know, anti-bigotry, racism, the war, etc.--but the left no longer holds the moral high ground; in fact, it has given the Clinton mess a green light from the feminists and has given the "okay" for NAFTA and GATT (which, by any measure, is anti-labor) I could catalogue the hypocrisy of your stance, because the remnants of the tattered left have become the bigots. Your insistence on running the Jesus of the Week dig is a glaring example of what I'm pointing out.

I'll spare you another "good works" catalogue here. Jesus happens to be the inspiration for many good works, even though much evil has been done in his name. But it has occurred to me that you, on the left, have become your own brand of the KKK. I'm sending examples of your "cartoon" to the Southern Poverty Law Center to see if, in their opinion, it fits the definition of bigotry.

B. T. Raven
via the Internet

I have but no sympathy for the kind folk who are trying to bully Westword into obliterating Jesus of the Week from the Westword comedy lineup. Everybody has their own preference in reading material, and if something offends them, it is nobody's problem but their own. I sincerely hope that Westword will not be pushed around by this self-righteous bickering, as I, along with many other readers, get a kick out of Jesus of the Week, and furthermore believe that free speech is universal. I can respect people regardless of their choices and beliefs. I have a very difficult time, however, respecting those who feel it's their duty to push other people around and attempt to mold them into something more "satisfactory" to their own liking. Nothing can please 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time!

I do not believe in repression and do not believe that Westword should repress itself to appease a few people who can't leave well enough alone without screwing it up for everybody else. I refuse to let a bitchy few deprive me of Jesus of the Week, and I'm sure Westword would rather not see its journalistic integrity compromised to satisfy their demands.

When The 700 Club comes on, I change the channel. Sandra Metz, cronies alike: Can you turn the page?

Nicholas A. Langewis

Action...reaction. I know Westword continues to feature Jesus of the Week to generate readers' letters. This is my last letter to you regarding the unfunny cartoon. Westword is just pushing the right button. It will die a slow death if we ignore it.

Beverly Justice

Man Bites Dog
Regarding Julie Jargon's "Dog Eat Dog," in the March 25 issue:
I have been a resident of Colorado for more than fifty years. I have only one thing to say to the prairie dog advocates: Go back to where you came from and take the damned things with you!

Ron Wells

Kudos to you for writing such a comprehensive article about the current plight of the black-tailed prairie dog in Colorado. I have only one criticism--your implication that animal-rights activists made fools of themselves at the recent subcommittee hearings on SB 111. I believe they did quite the contrary. It takes courage, persistence and unending dedication to pursue something that is "the right thing to do," even in the face of tremendous opposition and public indifference.

Many people think animal-rights activists are fanatics. Well, so are the admirers of sports stars, Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, Fortune-500 CEOs and other figures who, for some reason, have captivated public adulation. It takes more courage to stand up for one's beliefs--even if it's about saving an important animal from threatened extinction--than it does to follow the mass of uninformed public opinion. Mrs. Boucher and her family have donated countless hours of their time and hard-earned money to help establish a prairie preserve in southeastern Colorado--not just for prairie dogs, but for a cadre of other non-game wildlife.

Incidentally, the handwritten letter she read aloud to Senate subcommittee members was from our very own vice president, Al Gore, who supports environmental causes.

I say kudos to people who want to make a difference!
Catherine Thach

The fact that a law has existed since 1927 calling for the extermination of prairie rats, and the fact that they remain the bane of the West, would lead a person with some common sense to assume that they are not endangered.

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