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Ford and his peers would rather blame the white man--whom most black folks already know doesn't give a damn about the fate of Black America but simply tolerates our presence from a safe suburban distance--than, as real leaders, accept the shame of their negligence and dereliction of duties. Without debate, northeast Denver is not ready to grow nor is conducive to growth and investment from a black perspective. We have squandered our assets. All we can do is sit back and witness the yuppies reap the benefits of a once-proud community as our self-anointed leaders play the blame game.

Ford and these other lost Negroes are afraid to leave the welfare plantation, afraid to ask not what white folks and Uncle Sam can do for black folks, but rather what we, as black folks, can do for ourselves. It's easier to ask a "brother" like Webb to shovel them scraps from the table than get off their asses and do for themselves.

Desi Cortez

What is up with this T.R. Witcher article? You talk about up-and-coming politicos and mention folks not even running. I was given the endorsement from the Greater Denver Board of Realtors in District 11. You mention Happy, who they say has stale ideals for the next four years, and Dale, who is a lawyer and a minister (separation of church and state?), but not me--what's up? Can't another young turk get a break? I am the candidate who will unseat the incumbent but can't even get a mention in Westword. You mention folks not even running, not-even-looking-to-be-elected types. Come on, now.

Thanks for the omission, T.R. Just urge folks to vote May 4. Like Bailey, I hope to have more impact than all the folks you mentioned in the long run!

Jon Bowman

It is at a feverous pitch right now, but many people are not aware of it just yet. Political-campaign time is upon us, and many candidates are doing what they do best, fundraising and shopping for endorsements. Now, this is not to blame the politicians for what they do but for what it does to the politician. Reality dictates that when someone does a favor for you--be it donate large sums of money to your campaign--a favor to the contributor becomes the implied and sometimes direct obligation. And this is the very relationship that has soured the taste of politics for many people. In essence, it is the purchasing of the candidate and the office for personal/business gain. Mayor Wellington Webb has raised over $700,000 and will continue to have fundraisers even up to the date of the election to do battle against Gill Ford, who is not accepting funds.

Denver is being sold to the highest bidder by the same mayor who criticized and chided Norm Early's fundraising in 1991. It is amazing how eight years of power can change you.

Alvin Massenburg

Witness for the Prosecution
Regarding Harrison Fletcher's piece on Vivien Spitz, "A Matter of Record," in the April 8 issue:

Thank you, Westword, for introducing us to a local hero. Her courageous efforts are very much needed. As she says, ignorance is the greater danger. Ignorance is what allows insidious organizations like the so-called Institute for Historical Review to exist because it conveniently fills a void. The name alone is as diabolically innocent as that of the Reich Commissariat for the Strengthening of German Nationhood, a Nazi government organization designed to rid annexed German provinces of Jews. A visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, would stop any non-belief of the Holocaust in its tracks. Exhibits showing real piles of children's shoes, or elderly people's eyeglasses, are shocking. A result of someone "following orders"--and a good lesson for us all.

Thank you Vivien Spitz, for speaking out and "following conscience."
Ben Gilliam
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Something's Sacred
I would advise all those letter writers criticizing Westword for not taking religion seriously to read Robin Chotzinoff's "The Blessing," in the April 1 issue. It was an inspiring story about people finding meaning and community--inspiring no matter what a reader's faith might be.

Heather Grant

Bravo, Robin Chotzinoff! As a member of Congregation Beth Evergreen for many years, I'd like to commend you. You have hit the nail on the head in your description of our unorthodox, lovable and spirited congregation. Now, when are you going to join us?

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