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This is a thinly veiled opportunistic attempt to cash in on the Columbine tragedy and gain market share in the Denver market by squelching a competitor. I find that a disgusting exploitation of the pain that the Littleton community is going through right now. Why is such energy and time being devoted to combating Howard Stern? He is worthless. Why not use that motivation to help out the families and friends of the victims, or use it to volunteer to help youth at risk? The more attention devoted to Stern, the more the Columbine High community is not allowed to move beyond their pain. Get your priorities in order and help out those who need the help.

Finally, there is a glaring First Amendment issue at stake here. I always get very frightened by people who are narrow-minded and intolerant enough to try to oppress free expression, no matter how ignorant and offensive it might be. By trying to shut down the show, free expression takes a backseat to blind fury. Do the powerful and sensible thing: Make the individual choice to turn it off if you don't like it!

Justin Finter

I just read about Howard Stern's latest ignorant comments. This is all that is wrong with this country. The kids are listening to idiots like Howard. And the only reason they can listen to him is because organizations such as KXPK-FM (the Peak) have sold their souls for either money or prestige, instead of putting the effort and time into doing good.

Howard is a sick person; I doubt that his comments were really taken out of context. I pray for his soul.

B. White
via the Internet

The events of the last couple of days show how misdirected much of the rage is. The solution to Howard Stern is quite simple: Don't listen and he will go away.

People's concern should be directed a little closer to home. Are local authorities so pro-gun and anti-diversity that they think it's okay to force three teenagers to the ground, cuff them in front of the media frenzy and drag them to jail merely because they were observers of the unfolding tragedy and wearing black--and then allow the individual who illegally sold to minors a semi-automatic handgun used in the murders to "negotiate the terms of his arrest"? Now, that's obscene.

John Maloney

Granted, the remarks by Howard Stern were at the least insensitive. But the media hounds in Denver (Boyles, Martino, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, the major networks, etc.) gave the remarks even more credibility by replaying them and analyzing them over and over. The media outlets in Denver have acted like car-chase lawyers in this tragedy. It seems they are more concerned with ratings and cheap publicity than they are with the kids and their families and teachers.

Brett Haselton
via the Internet

Music has always been the obvious scapegoat when people don't want to look at the real issues. For once, I agree with Michael Roberts: Marilyn Manson is the Alice Cooper of his generation. Should we be looking at what pushed these kids to the point of going to war with their school and community? It couldn't have had anything to do with years of mean-spirited teasing at the hands of insensitive peers, could it? Why can't we realize that being teased or harassed because of one's appearance or tastes is not just a "rite of passage" in adolescence but is actually destructive, senseless behavior?

I thought that blaming the music was finally passe. Remember when a line about a girl masturbating in a hotel lobby was enough to start Senate hearings? If people really believe the music made them do it, we are in trouble.

Don Geesling
via the Internet

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