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James Greenfield

I am outraged by your decision to put an unproven statement and a grotesque cartoon on the cover of your February 10 issue. Not only does this condone rape, but the artist is also making light of rape. This statement is a threat to the safety of women, as it sensationally captures the attention of young impressionable men.

By presenting this statement in the present tense you are erroneouly comparing Y2Kman to the caveman. Let us not simplify human behavior so much so that we do not consider what is meant by the most basic understanding of evolution.

Maryellen Mullarkey

I am writing about the pages of falsehood to lessen a man's self-esteem by referring to him as a rapist. How dare Juliet Wittman compare us to primates? We are born in the image of God. Does she not know that the power of speech can be used to destroy? All she does is quote bits of information that misinterpret the authors' whole meaning. I think she needs to be quiet and keep her mouth shut.

I like your paper, and as a rule, you have educational information that is helpful. Please continue to have true and good informative articles -- not this garbage written by Juliet Wittman.

Name withheld on request

Editor's note: For more discussion of Juliet Wittman's story, visit our discussion board area, Talk Amongst Yourselves. There you'll also find the complete text of the much-flamed Mike Donley's letter published in the February 17 issue; the print version omitted the modifier "political-" before "lesbian." Our apologies.

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