Letters: Anyone who'd date Bill Sullivan is a dope...or a dupe

"Bad News Bill," Melanie Asmar, April 29

Ex Marks the Spot

So Bill Sullivan is a jerk and chicks are easy to dupe. Boring.

C. Sean McManus


Let's see, a guy shows up for a first date wearing an ankle monitor and explains it's because of his embezzlement conviction. During the course of the evening, he complains about the alimony he has to pay his third ex-wife. Any woman who ends up dating and in a relationship with someone like this gets exactly what she deserves.

Alec Revelle


I dated Bill Sullivan for about six months. I really appreciated your article! My gut was telling me the entire time that something was off...and, yes, he was trying to get money from me, even though he claimed he had a huge trust fund, but yet he wouldn't ever take me out in public. Nothing added up.

Bill is a nightmare to deal with, and I am sooooo grateful to journalists like Melanie Asmar, who expose jerks like this for the truth.



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"The Boy Who Wouldn't Tell," Joel Warner, April 22

Behind Bars

I knew both of the girls involved at Cherry Creek High School, and we never really learned what happened. Information was scarce considering their ages, and the reporters who hounded our school in the days following the arrests were stingy with what they would give us in trade for interviews.

It has been years since the murder came up, so I'm sure you can imagine the surprise I got when I started reading the article and was able to put the pieces together. It was a very good article. This seems to be one of those cases that receives so much attention when it happens, only to be lost once the "hype" dies down. If it weren't for this article, I believe only a handful of people would be aware of the situation that Alan Sudduth finds himself in now. I think a lot of positive things can come out of the attention you're giving him.

Adam Hawkes


And this guy is innocent because...? All four of them planned on not paying for the cab ride; they dropped off the girls so they wouldn't have to run. It was all planned. That is a crime. While carrying out this planned crime, Alan hands the gun to his partner in crime, who walks around the taxi from the passenger side, puts a gun to the taxi driver's head and blows him away. Probably the cabbie thought the kid was coming around to pay his fare; maybe the cabbie was demanding payment. We'll never know, since this incredibly ethical Alan will not speak: still obeying his murderous street gangster rules.

What an upstanding young man not to rat out a murderer! We should make a hero out of him and teach all our children to cover up on theft and murder.

Jack Jacobs


As a former Yellow Cab driver for ten years and one of the more than a hundred Denver drivers who attended Finley Bradshaw Myers's dignified memorial service there, I can tell you that both Nicholas Reed and Alan Sudduth have deserved every minute of their incarceration so far for their blasé coldheartedness and collusion in his murder. 

But kudos to Nicholas Reed for snitching on himself — better late than never. Prosecutors will never admit culpable misconduct, so it is now up to friends of Sudduth to mount a petition campaign — mostly on the Internet — to pressure the governor for clemency. That will probably require 30,000 signatures (from voters). And how could that be done? One signature at a time is like one day of "time." Thus may a long journey end.

Gene Edwards

Colorado Springs

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