Letters: "Glad to know the state can waste money on this boondoggle"

"The Best Little John School in Colorado," Kenny Be, June 16

Who's Getting Screwed?

First of all, my personal opinion is that prostitution should be made legal. As I read Kenny Be's piece, I couldn't help but wonder if any of our brilliant political leaders might benefit from it. Heavens knows, there are a lot of them who could use it.

Maybe "the Honorable" Judge Edward Nottingham could be the first guest speaker?

John Senior Arvada

Another cash cow like DUI — they act like they care! Do some research, dummies.

The state of Nevada has legal brothels away from the population, and somehow sexual crimes are lower than in our state. Wow, you think they would learn from the phony pot shops in Denver. What is worse? Watching people smoking pot in public or going into a massage parlor for a happy ending?

Hector Garcia


Never has a "spread" in Westword been put to better use than with Kenny Be's "The Best Little John School in Colorado." Glad to know that when the state's in a budget crunch, it can waste money on this boondoggle. While we may never know the truth about Michael Hancock, at least we know who's getting screwed here: the taxpayer.

Heather Miller


If today's women acted like real women and took good care of their men and relationships, then there would be no demand for prostitutes. But then again, we do not live in a perfect world, do we?

Name withheld

Posted at

"Short Fuse," Josiah M. Hesse, June 16

Watch the Fireworks!

Don't fuck with Denver cops unless you want to be fucked with. That's the moral of this story.

After Amelia Nicol had been in jail for a month, the prosecutors admitted that an attempted-murder charge was excessive, and basically dropped everything down to a fireworks charge? Maybe she littered, too?

J.Z. Myers


An obvious attempt to make law enforcement overreact. Not a total surprise that they did overreact.

Eddie Archambeau


"Sub Teacher," Laura Shunk, June 16

Saucy Behavior

Carbone's is timeless, and it's now surrounded by a sea of, uh, um, not timeless.... It has soul, personality and, above all, quality grub!

Keep up the good work. It couldn't be a more exciting time for Denver and Colorado right now with the huge food movement here. It is so nice to see the chefs in the driver's seat instead of just money and production. Production will never equal art!

Richard Arsenault


You called it northwest Denver instead of Highlands! For those of us who grew up here, it was always just the North Side. I don't mind "Highlands" (especially since my property values continue to rise), but I sometimes fear my neighborhood is losing its identity. I understand that change is inevitable when living in the city. But I also sincerely appreciate what the new restaurant scene has brought. The only thing "Highlands" about Lechuga's is its location. And I mean that in a good way.

Steve Ortiz


I curse the day that my great-uncle Dominic ever sold this place. Rosa, Tony and Nick have done an amazing job keeping the Carbone's tradition alive. Great food and wonderful people.

Bret Carbone


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