Letters: Thanks for the comic relief!

"Funny Business," May 30

Comic Relief

Great work by the artists featured in your Comics issue last week. I loved the supervillain Meter Maid and the courteous homeless dude, but my favorite was the "Rejected Denver Breweries," by Monte Mitchell. Hope we'll see more from him.
Lu Garcia

I'd like to know what suburb Mister V, author of "Denver-Phobic," lives in...so I can avoid going there.
Heather Stone


Comics issue

I enjoyed "Sam Spina's Guide to Denver's Radio Stations!!!" in the May 30 issue. He really nailed the sad state of corporate commercial crap passing as music these days. However, it's too bad he didn't listen to (or stream) Open Air AM-1340 or AM-1190. You will hear incredible music completely ignored by commercial radio. I learn something new every day from them, and you will be exposed to incredible tunes from many genres.

I also want to thank Westword for the great coverage of Denver's booming local music scene. However, please don't forget to plug AM-1340 as a place that you can actually hear the music you write about. If it weren't for them, I would never have guessed that a local group called Danielle Ate the Sandwich can sing better than Joni Mitchell!
John Hanson

"Chugga Chugga," Off Limits, May 30

State of the Union...Station
Sounds great: three new restaurants, a 5,000-foot local produce emporium. Over the top, all of it...but where is the parking for the hundreds? On the street that is already hard to find? And what will that cost the public attending? Will any of those establishments "validate"?

We don't want another Highland parking boondoggle, where more people drive away for lack of a space to park.
Paull Kupler

The buffoons who are playing leader are in a sorry state of affairs. They are thinking about getting rid of the model trains and painting a picture of a train. Let's see: six million bucks to take apart the model, three million to clean the room, six million bucks to paint a picture — $15 million flushed down the john. Yea, the jolly nincompoops are having all the fun!
William Straight

"Coolfax," May 23

What the Cluck?

In her piece about Sprouts in the Colfax project, Jenn Wohletz writes of the president of Rosen Properties, which is developing the site, that Sean Mandel "insists that he's only received two complaints about Chick-fil-A." This is a bald-faced lie. At a single meeting this winter, two dozen neighbors from South City Park attended to voice their complaints and concerns about the restaurant's impact on the neighborhood — and about being steamrolled during the initial zoning discussions.
Lisa Houlihan

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