Letters: The Flagstaff House helped me propose to my wife

"A Surprising Turn," Laura Shunk, February 10

Peak Performance
I can't tell you the lengths that the Flagstaff House went through to help me propose to my wife, who had been wanting to go there for as long as I could remember. I proposed on the deck while the staff brought flights of champagne to every restaurant guest so they could raise their glass to us in celebration. Then we had the most amazing dinner paired with off-the-list bottles of wine. The menu was personalized with a congratulations and the date on it. Dessert was sent out on a personalized edible plate.

I can't say enough about this place.

Brian Green


"Veggie Might," Letters, February 3

Green Energy

I wanted to take issue with Patrick Plummer's comment on WaterCourse Foods. If he's going to mention them in the same sentence as Applebee's and Golden Corral, then that's proof he's never been there. Maybe he should step away from the buffet, put down the giant margarita and venture to 17th Avenue for an exercise in culinary adventure.

Evan Mathis Denver

"The Devil's Playground," Alan Prendergast, February 3

The Hard Cell

Thank you for having the courage to publish "The Devil's Playground." I appreciate the article shedding light on a very big but ignored issue: Prison problems don't originate just in prisons or remain just in prisons. It is no surprise that brutal torture and rape were exported to privately run U.S. prisons in Iraq. The U.S. holds more prisoners than any nation in the world, has an ongoing and pervasive track record of human-rights abuses, and has a legal system adept at only incarcerating the poor and marginalized. With more than 7 million people involved in the justice system, including on probation/parole, and more than 90 percent to one day be released, the trauma, violence and hatred bred in prisons radiate outward into communities.

There is no evidence that people are reformed or society is more secure, but plenty of evidence that communities and people are destroyed in the current system. This divestment in human beings has played out in an economy with entire communities unable to legally defend themselves, or educate or raise their children, while private corporations running most prisons have posted incredible stock growth since the late '90s. In one of the first states to face severe budget cuts, California's prison-construction budget has trumped its university construction budget for some time, and still some California prisons are at almost twice their capacity.

As one well-known prisoner and death penalty survivor said, "How you treat the worst of you, you treat me also."

Ellen Feighny Denver

Good for you, Scott Howard. You were able to get someone to finally listen. I hope you can now heal from this horrific experience and get on with your life.

Maybe the only way to stomp out prison gangs and keep degenerates from raping other prisoners would be to have all prisons completely locked down 23 hours a day with one hour alone in an enclosed area. Sounds harsh, but it would be better than fearing for your life every day or giving these disgusting vermin the opportunity to hustle, extort and rape. These gang member/rapists don't deserve to live. They are just animals who would blow themselves if they could. I especially love how homophobic they are, yet they are ready to drop their pants for a blow job from a man. How many heterosexuals do that? Pathetic excuses for men! I just hope the day comes when a prison guard looks the other way while someone else brutalizes them, as they deserve payback for what they did. In addition, the prison guards, caseworkers, etc. should be especially ashamed for being complicit and should be put in prison themselves!

Kelly Montano

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