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Papa Don't Preach
We just read Michael Roberts's review of 'N Sync ("Sync or Swim," April 27), and we don't like him. He's just jealous that, like, he's not popular like they are. I mean, um, why did he have to say such mean things? Wassup with that? We already have our tickets to go see their concert this summer. I can't believe what he said about "Mop Top" Chris. That was like so mean.

Can you like fire him and give his job to his daughters Ellie and Lora? They sound pretty cool and smart. They know what 'N Sync is all about. I'll buy any album as long as they like it. Well, we got to go now, our Dad has to use the computer. Bye, bye, bye.
Arkady and Natalie Jencks (ages ten and seven)

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