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In Alan Prendergast's April 27 "None Dare Call It Travesty," it appears another tragedy has spawned the attraction of the eccentrics. It always amazes me that in the aftermath of any mass tragedy, the word "conspiracy" is yelled, and people say it was a government plot. For every event throughout history, someone is looking for a scapegoat to blame it on -- be it government, a cult or radicals who want to upset the apple cart. We are supposed to be sane, rational people; however, think of the social fabric that denies the outpouring of anxiety or frustration until it is too late. As a deer leaves footprints in the snow, humans also leave footprints as to the potential unrational behavior that may occur. It becomes oblivious to those who are looking straight into the barrel of the smoking gun. Denial, denial: It doesn't fit the mode of acceptable social norm, so find the scapegoat.
S.J. Alexander
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