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Something's fishy: For your information, your Best Vegetarian Burrito is NOT vegetarian. The rice, per your description, is made with Ahi -- isn't that fish? Perhaps it could be ordered without the rice. Good try.
Bernadette Sonefeld

Glass dismissed: The Great Northern Tavern can't be Denver's Best Brewpub because they do no brewing there. All their brews are shipped down from Great Northern's brewery in Keystone. So your readers were right: The Wynkoop is Denver's best brewpub.
Lew Cady

Kyle Wagner responds: The Ahi rice is Wahoo's Fish Taco's trademark name for the way it's prepared. There's no flesh in there whatsoever. For still more Best of Denver news, see The Bite.

Morning Becomes Electric

The Bret pack: I enjoyed Michael Roberts's June 22 Message, "Sage Advice," about Bret Saunders, and I think it's about time somebody actually pointed out just how horrible Kerry and Ashton were. Since they left, Bret has created an excellent space on Denver morning radio for people who would rather listen to adults than to adults acting like preteens. I take issue with only one section of Roberts's column. I'm no fan of Jacor or Clear Channel, having been a college DJ before the age of CDs and Big Corporate Radio really took hold, so I agree that some of the music that KBCO plays is repetitious and skewed to the artists who are golden children of the big labels. However, Roberts mentions that KBCO plays Robben Ford often and lists him as an example of a "white-dude" blues artist. First, I have rarely heard Ford on KBCO; I'm one of the listeners who has pushed the station to play any Robben Ford, actually. Second, Ford has played with real "black-dude" blues and jazz artists like Miles Davis, and I think Miles would be the first to say that, in this case, race has nothing do to with being able to play the blues. In addition, Ford is one of the only musicians who was able to keep up with Joni Mitchell in the studio, which shows that he is much more versatile than just being a "white-dude" blues player. I would agree that he seems to fit best in the blues genre, but he is not limited to it.

Otherwise, thanks for the article -- and keep up the good work!
Stace Johnson
via the Internet

Nice guys finish first: Thank you for mentioning my name in your newspaper. I had completely forgotten about me. But since you brought me up, my opinion is that KBCO's Bret Saunders is the single nicest guy I've ever met. Few people know that Bret won the international "nice guy" competition three years in a row -- and each year he said, "Naw, give it to the guy who came in second."

It's true, the morning show of Kerry and Ashton did help provide the cowpie for Bret's magic mushroom. Ask anyone (except the readers of the Boulder Camera, who named us Best DJ-1997): We sucked far worse than our increasing Arbitron ratings and trends indicated. But Roberts's article failed to applaud former KBCO program director Dave Benson, who possessed the inspired vision to fire me. By the time my contract at KBCO was up, I had pissed off so many co-workers (and listeners) that I was beginning to feel like John Rocker in an East Village leather bar. Kudos, Saunders. I hope you sidestep the kiss of death that Westword's praise afforded Rockfish and Caroline.

I was KBCO.
Rick Ashton

Hunt and Peck

View to a kill: I read with interest Eric Dexheimer's "The Herd Mentality," in the June 22 issue. Based on a one-year decrease in elk hunter success, the article is rife with theory, opinion, generalizations and stereotypes. The only problem with Dexheimer's presumption that the hunter ranks are filled with ineptitude is that there is little objective data to support that claim. Elk hunter success was down in 1999, but jumping to the conclusion that hunters must have "done it wrong" is plausible only when left to personal opinion. (When's the last time you heard someone raving about the good driver that let them into the traffic lane?) Better perspectives on the issue would have produced entirely different findings. The historical, regional, meteorological and field perspectives all have something to offer. So here's hoping Westword has the abdominal workings to print a few facts (gathered independently by state, federal and private organizations) that are counter to Dexheimer's column.

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