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Mr. and Mrs. J. Carney
Commerce City

The Letter of the Law

The writing's on the wall: Justin Berton is due special thanks for his courageous article on the latest, but unrecognized, danger imperiling society: "tagger gangs." His September 7 "Up Against the Wall" makes repeated (although unsubstantiated) references to the taggers' "thuggery" and pistol-packing propensities. We can now appreciate the great dangers to Denver Police Department graffiti cops and their vice-squad allies who bravely pulled a fearsome (but unarmed) tagger from his car at gunpoint.

We are informed (gasp!) that Robert Iron's criminal horde was vandalizing walls and maybe stealing car stereos! The group, "loosely modeled...after an organized gang," was apparently prevented from purchasing more paint (gasp, gasp!) from their alleged binge of thievery (and thus probably preventing them from transcending their apparent "disorganized gang" status). Whew!

Hopefully the gang-taggers' habit of squealing on themselves, fellow taggers and related dark secrets in 45-minute videotaped confessions will prevent the dastardly assassination of Denver's finest by taggers, as the article (and Officer "It's inevitable" Gavito) firmly convinced me will happen. The dark secrets of gang-taggerdom are apparently contained in this hush-hush video so sensitive that the Columbine tapes must undoubtedly pale in comparison! I am shocked (yes, shocked!) to know that Mr. Iron's confession could lead his cohorts to "kill him."

I am gratified, however, that law and order's firm hand is exercised in these matters via punishment, that would-be Capones like Mr. Iron are given the chastisement they deserve (in this case, "thirteen days in jail, seven of them suspended" for "criminal mischief"). Maybe Justin Berton's next exposé can enlighten readers about other unexplored but bizarre and impending threats like, uh, the link between terrorism and truancy, skateboarding serial killers, or something. How 'bout it, Mr. Berton?

Ernesto Vigil

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