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The Light Stuff

Makin' Bacon: In John La Briola's "Birds of a Feder," in the May 31 issue, he wrote that Colin Bricker "also introduces a bit of slow dub electronica via his cameo as the William Caslon Experience ('Leaving Light' remix)." This is patently untrue. Short of being socially acquainted with Mr. Bricker, we have no relation whatsoever to him.

The William Caslon Experience is an ongoing down-tempo/ambient collaboration between myself and Denver muso Nate Butler. Since 1998, we've released four CDs, started our own label, American Bacon Recordings (, where most tracks from our first two CDs are available for free in mp3 format), have been remixed by or worked with top U.K. electronic artists such as the Herbaliser (Ninja Tune Records), Fila Brazillia and Baby Mammoth (Pork Recordings), have done several remixes ourselves (Janet Feder's being one of them), and are generally swell guys trying to make a name for ourselves in a very competitive genre.

Sadly, the local (and national) scene hasn't embraced down-tempo to the extent that Europe, Canada and beyond have, so while our work speaks for itself there, here we're all but unknown. It's a bit disheartening to have the small amount of local press we have received be misleading. Having seen the Speak Puppet CD, I'm aware that the liner notes were a bit scarce, but we felt it important to set the record straight.

Mart Schaefer
Portland, OR

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