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"Cutting off access" to what are, after all, a group of pop tunes (and "Imagine" is simply boring and insipid, despite Roberts's determination that it is "universally" regarded as anything at all) is not, under a true legal analysis, what has taken place. The strained reaction to September 11 by this corporation, while in many cases laughable (if it was a time for real laughter), was not worth the ink Roberts saw fit to spill on it. He appeared in this article exactly like the sophomoric journalistic hacks I was exposed to in college: determined to twist his opinions around until he had manipulated -- oops -- masturbated them into something destined to change the face of news. In the end, all he effected was another lame-ass slam on Creed.

Name withheld

What the pluck? I enjoyed Michael Roberts's article on the censorship at the chickenshit corporate radio stations. I think it would have been good to mention some alternative radio stations, such as Radio 1190, the AM revolution.

Brad Grissom
via the Internet

Billion-Dollar Babies

Falling stars: What is your obsession with John Elway and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? You've published nasty little items about this in the last two Off Limits columns. With the world heading into war, does anyone really care that John Elway's appearance was postponed on the show?

And shouldn't that be billionaire, anyway? I'd be a lot more interested in these sports people and entertainers if they would quit telling us to donate to disaster relief and concentrated on donating just a tenth of their salaries. So what if Jim Carrey donates a million? He'll still have at least $19 million left after it's subtracted from his next movie deal.

Hillary Weaver
via the Internet

Give, and you'll get a quarter back: Dear Mr. Elway,

While watching Mr. Bush address Congress and the nation, I was struck, in particular, by his plea for donations to help the victims of the horrendous events of September 11. This sounded reasonable, humane, so I looked to see what could be spared. Unfortunately, after taxes, rent, heating, electricity, telephone, car payment, car insurance, etc., I am not embarrassed to say that I only have $120.78 left to last until the end of the month.

Working in the educational field, there never is enough money to go around, considering how rent has risen 400 percent over inflation in the last five years, heating 50 percent over the past year, and so on. I thought of you. Many of the victims were office workers, firemen, police officers, just like thousands of others who have watched you perform with such elegance and dedication in football stadiums around the country for so many years. I guess what I am saying is that these types of people have provided you with the level of financial security and freedom you enjoy today, so perhaps you could contribute a little for all of us who have nothing to spare.

Or, better yet, a lot.

Keith Foskins
Fort Collins

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