Letters to the Editor

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Other Americans and the citizens of Colorado may be proud of our new "Homeland Security," but I am not!

Rick Stanley
Libertarian for U.S. Senate

Yes and Noe

Noe such luck: Hey, Earl Noe! Speaking of "fire-breathing letters, overflowing with outrage, towering with superiority..." -- yours in the October 18 issue pretty much fits the bill. Before you cast any more such aspersions, you should know that I am one of those who claims the "anonymous" moniker. Before you stop reading, you might want to start thinking, because there is nothing I like better than seeing my name in print. So much so that I became a journalist. And therein lies the rub. When you work for the competition or a big news organization, it becomes kind of a sticky business to spout off in other papers that don't pay your paycheck. I'm sorry if this doesn't measure up to your high Boulder standards of ethics, but that's the way it is for some of us working-class types. (Yeah, like that's your real name, anyway!) Your ol' pal,

Name withheld on request

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