Letters to the Editor

Lost and Found

Miracles happen: I just read Harrison Fletcher's wonderful article regarding the journey of the Lost Boys, "Coming to America," in the December 6 issue. I was extremely touched by the cause of these young men who, to me, represent a forgotten type of miracle.

Janine Paglia
via the Internet

Good job: "Coming to America" -- what a stunning article! The story of these men is inspirational. I am ashamed of griping about my job when these people are elated to get any job.

The part about them getting up early, ironing their white shirts and looking for work every day was touching. After reading the article, I have a new appreciation for the things I have taken for granted. These men are happy, optimistic and appreciative of every little thing America has to offer.

I wish I could give them all jobs. Can't do that, but I can give a donation to the program. Thank you for the best article in Westword or any other magazine I've read in a long, long time.

Faren Foster

Information, please: I appreciate immensely the in-depth stories that appear in Westword, and Harrison Fletcher's "Coming to America" is outstanding in the information that it gives.

Jean Labuda
via the Internet

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: From the moment I started reading Harrison Fletcher's Lost Boys article until the end, I was captivated and motivated to help the "Boys" anyway I can. I would love to invite them to my family's ranch in Castle Rock for some more American culture.

Thanks so much!

Ryan Parker
via the Internet

If It Bleeds, It Leads

Reopening wounds: Regarding Alan Prendergast's "I'm Full of Hate and I Love It," in the December 6 issue:

What, may I ask, is your purpose in publishing this "article"? To say that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were very "ill"? I think we all know that by now. Or was it to display a lot of hate that does not need to be displayed at a time when there is plenty of it in our world?

I was at Columbine and have come to know some of the victims' families, one in particular very well. Each time something else is printed about Columbine, it reopens wounds for the victims' families and all who were involved: the students who were there and who are trying to get on with their lives, the counselors, the teachers, the principal...actually, all across the USA, where a public school should be the second-safest place besides the home.

I'm not ignorant; I know we have a lot of work to do as far as families and parenting are concerned. It's very tragic and unfortunate that the parents of these two, in particular, seemed to have been blind to the truth. I work with teens and have two children of my own. You know when there are signs of deceit. Many of us are working on that very subject, how to pay attention to your kids and listen. We are working on building self-esteem and turning anger into positive outlets.

Printing the graphic words of Harris is not helpful. They just hurt those who are already hurt, again and again. Instead of printing all of the hateful, vile words, why don't you choose to help rebuild what has already been destroyed?

May God bless you!

Ruthie Owen Moreno
via the Internet

The rich are different: Why would Jefferson County suppress Eric Harris's journal and letters that describe what kind of sick animal this person was?

I don't blame the parents for wanting to sue the police and the school. I, too, feel that if the police had followed up on the threats, this tragedy could have been averted. But on the other hand, these assholes were rich or well-to-do, and for some reason, white people think that rich or well-to-do white people can't be vicious, insane killers like anyone else. This fact never ceases to amaze me. So many families have been permanently damaged because these two jerks lived in an affluent community! And to add insult to injury, information is still suppressed!

I say the only decent thing they did that day was to kill themselves, because they certainly didn't deserve to use up taxpayers' money while they were incarcerated. And I hope their stupid parents suffer the rest of their lives, along with the people whose children and loved ones have been maimed or killed.

Sandra Govens
via the Internet

Moving on: Who says this last piece of news about Harris's diary is authentic? The judge (not the sheriff's office) refused to release this information based, in part, on the "parents' of slain and injured children" objections, citing future copycat actions. I don't see anything different or new in this last revelation. This is just more tiresome hysteria that keeps us from healing from this pain. One more scab pulled from our wounds.

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