Letters to the Editor

The Bust of Denver

Hair today, gone tomorrow: Way to go, Westword! Thanks for including Best Hair on a TV Personality in the Best of Denver 2002, but leaving out all references to Latin music, hip-hop acts, children's theater, and comedy theater and acts! Why not just include "Cutest Couple" next time, so your high school yearbook will be complete?

C.J. Fletcher
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Blowing smoke: I enjoyed your Best of Denver 2002 issue, with one exception. I have run for public office twice in opposition to the War on Drugs, but I still feel that for you to publicize the jerk selling nitrous-oxide cannisters over the counter is the height of irresponsibility. Kids can kill themselves with those sorts of things.

Inadvertently, you highlight the essential problem of the War on Drugs: If society reacts irrationally to the search for ecstatic experience, all choices available to young people seem equivalent. All choices are not equivalent, and I'm sure the Westword staff knows that as well as anyone else. Bad show, ladies and gentlemen.

Jack J. Woehr

High performance: I love the Best of Denver. I can't wait for it each year.

However, I think you guys might be slipping a little. This year, as I was poring over the restaurant/food section, I came upon two glaring "mistakes." The first one was a big haze more than anything: On page 202, there's a big picture of a guy eating a bagel, yet -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- there is no listing for Best Bagel! What's up with that? Being from Philly, I am particular about my bagels. (Moe's has the best around.) In addition, on page 208, there is a huge picture of an onion ring, but no Best Onion Ring. Please, is this is a cruel joke, or just somebody coming to work high again?

The other gaffe is that the Best Sunday Brunch Buffet is in Vail. This is the Best of Denver! I know there are some things that are outside of Denver or in the suburbs, but Vail? Vail is 97 miles away (per; Colorado Springs is closer. How could you pick a Sunday brunch place so far away? It should be a place close enough that you can roll out of bed hung over and be feasting your sorry, hurtin' butt in a matter of thirty minutes, tops! Who the hell is gonna go all the way to Vail on a Sunday morning just to get brunch? Maybe if you live on a weekly newspaper editor's salary and can be driven in a limo or just stay for the weekend, I suppose? I want to know what's good in Denver so I can actually try it out someday.

Again, it may be an East Coast thing, but there were Sunday brunch buffets everywhere. I have lived here for five years, and I think I have gone twice. One of those times was after we drove around the greater Denver area for about two hours trying to find a decent buffet that wasn't over $25 per head. (The Westin's looked pretty good, but it was around $40 per head.) Anyhoo, thanks for the good work, but let's not get sloppy. You at least had the sense to vote for Anthony's pizza and the Bull & Bush, so I guess I'll keep reading.

Kevin Emery

Playing favorites: I moved to Denver from Minnesota in September 2001. I have enjoyed your publication both for its useful information about places and events in town and also for its entertainment value. However, this letter contains no kudos. I have worked at a martini lounge called Blue Ice since January, and I was shocked to find no mention of us anywhere in the Best of Denver. Upon further investigation, this gross oversight warrants public attention because of a few factors:

1. Our Westword advertising rep neglected to provide our establishment with any ballots for the Best of Denver issue. This scenario begs the comparison of ordering drinks, yet not knowing the Happy Hour special is two-for-one. While one continues to pay for each drink, and others get the special, how can one not feel shorted as a patron? A similar feeling overwhelms us at Blue Ice as a weekly, paying advertiser in Westword. We deserve the same notification and invitation to participate in special issues as any other establishment.

2. Have you read all of the categories? Best Faux Honky-Tonk? The Skylark Lounge is without a doubt a fun and unique place, and this writer has no intention of mudslinging the other drinking/eating establishments in Denver (not to mention that the Skylark is located in our friendly neighborhood of South Broadway). However, is this a category with valid competition? How about Best Midsize Venue in Boulder? This well-deserved mention of the Fox Theatre might be better as an article or feature piece in Westword. Both of these categories, as well as others not listed here, are a blatant avenue for the personal opinions of Westword writers. The Best of Denver issue would be more aptly titled "Our Favorite Stuff."

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