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Freeze, sucker: I am a Colorado native, born and raised in Trinidad. I have lived in Denver for some 29 years. A few notes about southern Colorado and New Mexico. First, pork is traditional to use in green chili recipes. I'm glad, however, that Jason Sheehan tried authentic Mexican food, as opposed to some of the crap that usually passes for Mexican. He went to the wrong place in Trinidad; he should have tried some of the restaurants on East Main Street. Also, in Denver, Benny's is not that great -- too much cheese, and the rellenos are soggy and gross. Nice to hear he tried the different places on Federal, though.

If you really like green chili, get yourself some that's roasted by one of the street vendors on Federal beginning in late August. Have them roast a couple of bushels for you and freeze in Ziploc bags and enjoy it through the winter. That is what we natives do.

Kathy A. Martinez

The whole enchilada: What a wonderful story! I find that there is a wonderful variety of green chile thoughout Denver. What you cannot find is a good enchilada. I would challenge any Mexican restaurant with my family recipe that I made even better; you can fill an enchilada with anything as long as you have a great sauce. (Don't let my last name fool you; my mother is a Trujillo.)

Mindy Nickels

Arrested Development

To swerve and protect: Okay, Denver and surrounding communities, let's get this straight now and forever: Cops do not prevent crime, they only exist to collect revenue by writing traffic tickets and scraping up what's left of you after a crime has been perpetrated against you.

Contrary to Alan Prendergast's July 25 "A Low Blow," they rarely have anything even remotely approaching compassion. They seem to enjoy the ridiculous things, like arresting Ms. Grizzell.

Get it through your collective thick heads: We pay them and they demean, abuse and cause us lots of pain, both emotional and financial, due to the fact that you then have to hire an attorney to prove your innocence. Don't look at them or speak to them -- and please, God, don't ever put yourself in the position of having to call them, lest you get arrested, too.

Jeff Noble
via the Internet

The lite stuff: But some cops are fat! The Jefferson County sheriff's department is incompetent. Six cops are not needed for bust lite.

Nick Werle
Colorado Springs

Let the record show: I represented Kelly Grizzell in her case in Jefferson County. Alan Prendergast's article correctly states that I was reluctant to comment on this matter. I was. My reluctance is not simply tied to this one case. I believe that the justice system is best served when attorneys make their positions in court as opposed to in the press.

In that your readers may somehow mistake my reluctance to comment as a dissatisfaction with the court process, I think they should know the following: I believe that Kelly and I were treated very fairly by members of the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, and especially by Chris Cessna, the courtroom deputy who handled this case for that office. We were also treated with great fairness by the presiding judge, the Honorable Tina Olson. As a defense lawyer, I hope my clients can be treated with fairness in the courts above anything else. While obtaining fairness can at times be elusive, I believe that the district attorney, the defense lawyers and the court obtained that goal in this matter.

Peter B. Albani
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