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Deb Moodey

CD or Not CD?

Radio daze: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Dialing for Differences," in the July 25 issue:

All I have to say is thank God for Radio 1190 and 102.1. It is unfortunate that we can get neither of these stations inside our office building; sadly, we only get to listen to whatever comes in, usually the we-love-our-awfully-boring, play-the-same-set-of-songs-every-two-hours-and-you're-gonna-like-it KBCO. I hate that station. But since I get to listen to it eight hours a day, I've learned to tune it out.

There's nothing more blissful than retreating to my car and sliding in a CD, playing bands I never hear on the radio, praying I don't hear that Jimmy Eat World song or that Sheryl Crow song or that John Mayer song, all of which I liked at one time or another. But now I cringe every time I hear the intros. Give us a break, guys. You're killing us with your corporate playlists! Do you even listen to what you're playing? The saddest thing in the world is when your mom is humming that Staind song or a Puddle of Mudd song because they played it on Mix 100 and Alice 106.... I miss the Peak, KAZY, 92X and the old KTCL circa the early '90s.

Click. I've just turned on a CD.

Eileen Hall

A Matter of Corps

Band on the run: Your writer, Melanie Haupt, in her July 25 "Exquisite Corps," about the Denver show Drums Along the Rockies, displayed a profound lack of understanding regarding drum corps. To those involved, it is like hearing the old fingernails on the chalkboard to be called a "band." A drum-and-bugle corps is a very different and distinct entity, truly a family for the short term of its summer existence. Melanie also referred several times to "trumpets" being played. Again, hear the chalkboard.

A little research, like letting any person familiar with the activity review her article, would have saved everyone involved with or even remotely familiar with the activity a lot of the pain derived from reading it. That said, the detail about how tough it is was right on.

Richard Yadon
Lawrence, Kansas

Getting Under Their Skins

Deep resentment: Hey, you: Wake up and smell the bitter scum in your coffee, cream and sugar, because your ever-present stimulant's getting colder and nastier -- but make sure you chug it down anyway, if you can stomach it. Get used to it and like it -- just the way you like getting used to David Holthouse and his valiant attempt at a painstaking "undercover story" in the July 25 "Skin Deep." Speaking of indignation, I'm pretty well numb from being slapped in the face with my tax dollars and rampant racism -- just like any other blue-collar scapegoat. I mean, come on: How can you not be in a sugarcoated city like Denver?

Is it any wonder that the worst high school massacre in the history of the world happened right here in little ol' Denver? You know what all you neo-Nazis and gangs -- flaunting your mental capacity of a melting ice cube -- can do? Red, white, black, brown or yellow, you can kiss my ass. If you are a racist consciously making an effort to spread your sickening plague in any way, shape or form, here's a news flash: Fuck you! I'd rather see you just evaporate. I'd rather see you do the right thing for once and take it upon yourselves to realize that your only purpose in this life is to rent a real big venue (like a coliseum) and blow each other to bits and pieces -- each and every one of you pawns. Do us a favor and put yourselves out of your own motherfuckin' misery.

Anthony Schwartz

A rally big show: I am an ARA supporter who attended the protest, and I just gotta say that Holthouse's article was a good one, but it seemed a little off. First, he describes us as being "blissfully unaware" of the problems that were facing us. We were not blissfully unaware; most of us went there fully thinking that we were gonna end up being attacked by a huge bunch of gigantic skinheads, but we (at least I) were willing to take that chance, as long as we could get our point across. Why didn't he interview us as well, instead of taking everything at face value? Not all of us played soccer at the park; in fact, many of us (that includes me) thought it was a bad idea, considering the situation. Some further interviews would have made that apparent. Another point that was missed was that we, not just the skinheads, also have a Constitutional right to assemble. But Holthouse, of all people, must know that the minute we would have assembled, the Midwest Hammerskins would have slammed on us -- or, as an employee of the Aztlan described to us, "It would've been a bloodbath."

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