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Serious Business

The unbearable lightness of Be: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario is great, and you're lucky to have him -- even with a recycled 'toon in your September 12 issue. But Westword is also to be congratulated for Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" and Derf's "The City" -- two more worthy commentators on the farces and foibles of Denver, Colorado and our country. I can't imagine a better time for a good laugh and a sense of humor -- be it ever so serious.

Thanks to all, and keep up the good work.

Richard Trupp

An Error in Judgment

No way: In reference to the letters last week concerning Alan Prendergast's August 29 "System Failure," specifically the contributor who wrote, "I will pull the plug for 'no' on all the judges in this election," I understand and sympathize with your sentiments, Sir, but that is exactly what every black-robed crony behind the bench -- and in front -- hopes you will do! Nullifying your vote, reducing the odds in their favor by leveling that playing field for all, and allowing a minority interested in seeing certain persons ascend to that privileged position for their own vested advantage and winning by a slight margin. Somebody has to win! Education is the key! Histories, assessments and critiques of past performances, made public via knowledgeable, neutral sources separate from that close-knit pack by local newspapers or a citizens' watch group, would be ideal; but to date, for all practical purposes, that's nonexistent! I beseech Westword to do so before the next election!

Looking back at the forgotten transgressions transpiring for the last 25 years (RTD junket, S&L scandal, evidence locker and police shootings), nothing ever seems to come before the courts, and when a case does, the culprit is always exonerated. Here's hoping you will rise to the occasion.

P.S.: Whatever happened to Neil Bush?

John W. Blackburn

Baaa Humbug

Stanley by your man: The September 12 Off Limits comments about Rick Stanley, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, are disgusting. How can a person who claims to be an "honorable" Libertarian "know" all about Rick when Rick has never met the man? Why is Westword printing such misinformed statements?

I, for one, would not vote for an individual, regardless of his party, who was a server of drinks at a local strip joint: What kind of mentality is that? No, the person who is the true irritation here is Doug Anderson. He is the one who is misinformed and is being led like a sheep to the slaughter without so much as a "baaa." He apparently does not care about losing his sovereign rights or changing a politically corrupt governmental system to a constitutional government.

T.J. Penner
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Power Drink

Playing gladiator: Enjoyed Julie Dunn's August 8 Drink of the Week. Actually, Russell Crowe's muscles looked a lot better thirty minutes into Virtuosity, since there was a lot more to see of him in that movie. So forget the toga and armor: The movie was nowhere near being good, but he certainly looked great!

Martha Reed
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The Meal World

Man does not live on bread alone: I just thought I would send along a bit of applause for Jason Sheehan's fun, insightful and well-written reviews. I read through some of the letters to the editor, and I wanted to join in with the "great job" crowd: I hope he didn't take any of the "write more about the food than yourself" people too much to heart.

Going out to eat is about a whole lot more than just the food -- because even if you have just eaten the best ginger beef in the world, if the waitperson who served it to you has dirty fingernails and yellow crust around her nose ring, it's going to have an impact.

But I think you know that already.

Cynthia J. Davies
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