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Richard de Olivas y Cordova

Parade rest: If Columbus is the only person that the Italian community in Denver and the United States can look up to, then there should be no parade at all. Personally, I think someone more fitting could be found to honor without a lot of difficulty.

Craig Westbrook
Rochester, New York

Some bilingual education: Stuart Steers brought up some interesting points about Italian-Americans. How quickly we forget our immigrant history. When our non-English-speaking ancestors arrived in this country, were they segregated into special "sheltered English" classrooms for a year? No. Schools dealt with non-English speakers in whatever ways they could. Amendment 31 would outlaw the English-learning programs of our ancestors and any adaptations, instead demanding "sheltered English" for all. This is not only bad planning, but also very costly. Even our immigrant ancestors would agree that Amendment 31 is a bad idea.

Rebekah Martindale

Hell House

The customer is never right: Thanks for Alan Prendergast's accurate, behind-the-scenes look at Dorian Homes ("Viva Las Villa!" October 3).

When my wife and I contracted a home to be built on Dacre Place by Dorian, we wondered why the agents working in the sales office worked so diligently to keep us far away from Lambert. We should be able to meet the man with whom we were entering into a huge contract, right? What we learned the hard way one day is that the tactic is Lambert's special form of "customer service."

Customer service Lambert style manifested itself in him screaming at my wife over the phone one day and calling her crazy and insulting her intelligence. (She's a physician.) This was the only personal interaction we ever had with him. It's amazing how all the "crazy" customers in the neighborhood bought his homes, while US Homes got all the normal customers a street below.

If you ever consider contracting with Dorian, read the contract carefully. If you are forced to back out, as we were, you could lose as much money as we did.

Kevin Gorman

Screw driver: Thank you for publishing "Viva Las Villa!" although it was much too kind. I worked on the Dorian Parade home; when his check bounced, I walked. Then I came to find out that he had bounced checks to almost everyone on the project. Because of Paul Lambert, my company and several other small subcontractors I know are being put out of business. Paul is not to be trusted. Out of his mouth came a constant barrage of slander about anyone and everyone who had "screwed him" on the project.

But he never mentioned that he had screwed all of them first.

Name withheld on request

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