Letters to the Editor

Norton Hears a Who

Janey, get your gun: Regarding Patricia Calhoun's perceptive "Calamity Jane," in the November 7 issue:

Jane Norton and Bill Owens, extreme in any other era, are just your average 21st- century Republicans.

Only minutes after the Republican takeover of the state senate had been confirmed, my senator, John Andrews, raced to the cameras, and the first words out of his mouth were NRA-scripted (after all, there can never be enough guns in Colorado glove compartments). Next up, he trotted out his robotic old mandated-Pledge routine (surely there's room in there somewhere, John, for "Every Knee Shall Bend").

Then there's Bob Beauprez, with his servile "I sleep better with God and George Bush in charge" line at a Bush pep rally, the one where Marilyn Musgrave whipped up the carefully screened crowd in Clinton-bashing. (Anyone doubt that this outfit will still be blaming the Clintons for the state of the world four years from now?)

Finally, there's Tom Tancredo, the darling of Douglas County and shameless craver of attention, with his "bunch of retard Democrats" line. What does he have to lose? If you put an "R" after his name, Ken Lay would carry the 6th District.

Robert Ellis

Pros and cons: Patricia Calhoun needs to wake up and smell the gunpowder. She and all the other feminazis and their wimpy supporters and sycophants lost last week! Colorado voters chose Owens and Norton and Wayne Allard (and no doubt Bob Beauprez) because they recognize they are pro-life, pro-rights, pro-America.

John Foster

Out of here with a bullet: My family's favorite way to spend summer days is visiting Cherry Creek State Park, and I was outraged to learn from Patricia Calhoun's column that the state allows a private shooting range on that land. I don't care if the business dates to the days when Roy Romer was governor -- as a father and concerned Coloradan, Bill Owens should put an end to it, not encourage more guns in our state parks.

Joy Frankel
via the Internet

Editor's note: On November 5, Arapahoe County Deputy Sheriff Tim Klisnick was dispatched to the Cherry Creek Shooting Range, the private range at the very public Cherry Creek State Park, on "a report of an injury." The injury was to Don Cherne of Lakewood, who was "bleeding from his left hand, left side of the face and nose and with numerous teeth knocked out." Cherne was with Curtis Moore, also of Lakewood. According to Deputy Klisnick's report, "Cherne had been having problems with his Winchester Model 70, .270-caliber rifle misfiring and firing prematurely. Cherne was using reloaded ammunition loaded by Mr. Moore and had been warned by a gunsmith that he was using ammunition that was loaded with too much powder for the gun. When Mr. Cherne fired the rifle the last time, the gun exploded at the chamber, causing the gun to fragment and injure Cherne. No other injuries were reported, and Mr. Cherne was transported to the hospital. Deputy Klisnick placed the gun and ammunition in evidence for safekeeping."

Fire when ready.

It's a Wonderview Life

Check, please! Robin Chotzinoff hit a nerve with her October 31 "The Wonder Years." I've lived here for thirty years, having moved from Maine -- which was singularly free from zoning (except in Portland) and other rules and regulations. About fifteen years ago, I figured out what was going on: At that time, it was reported that 37 percent of people in Colorado were directly dependent on a government check! What is it now?

It should come as no surprise, then, that the only solution to anything here is to make a rule...create a regulation...pass a law. Hire more enforcement officials. Get more lawyers. Grit your teeth. I recall when Dick Lamm said he couldn't understand why Oregon could get a lot done and we couldn't get anything done. Oregon only had 12 percent getting a government check.

Why worry about an axis of evil in the world when it's right here? Mike Speck: Here's to you!

John Bright

Eat my dust bunnies: Hooooooooly smokes! Mike Speck, meet your Lakewood condo counterpart. As I read Chotz's piece on the hullabaloo in Wonderview, I had a wicked feeling of deja-pew. You see, I live in an unassuming little condo-townhouse community in the Green Mountain area of Lakewood. I won't write the name because I'm selling -- that's how bad the situation has become.

It's a severe case of control freaks abusing the system to drive me nuts! Let's see... One hot summer day, to conserve energy, I left a bedroom window open rather than run the air conditioner. Oh, but shame on me, said a notice from the HOA threatening a $50 lienable fine! My lace curtain was billowing out in the breeze; obviously, I'm a miscreant of the worst kind.

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