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(Please don't print my last name -- I'm not proud of the self-image as it is now.)


Take Your Best Shot

Safety first: As a life member of the National Rifle Association, I take great exception to Patricia Calhoun's "Calamity Jane," in the November 7 issue. She seems to equate law-abiding, responsible gun owners with murderous criminals like Klebold and Harris.

The NRA is the world's leading firearm-safety-instruction organization. They provide free training materials to any elementary school that wants to teach kids to "stop, don't touch, leave the area, and tell an adult" when encountering an unattended firearm.

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that a child is much more likely to drown than to be killed in a firearm accident, largely due to the thousands of NRA instructors who volunteer their time to teach courses in firearm safety.

If Calhoun is really concerned about safety, maybe she should ask swimming-pool and hot-tub dealers to leave town.

Bernie Herpin
Colorado Springs

Taking aim: After reading all the letters in the last issue attacking not just Patricia Calhoun, but Joy Frankel (that poor woman who dared to have a letter published in the November 14 issue complaining about gun ranges in public parks), I have to wonder about the real consequences of the last election.

NRA members seem to feel that they can take aim at anyone who cares to criticize them. On November 5, did we vote to ban free speech?

The Second Amendment only works if we also protect the First Amendment.

Frank Kelley
via the Internet

More target practice: There are so few places for the public to go shoot, it has become a real problem. The Cherry Creek range often has a waiting list. The Highway 7 range recently closed, as the land became too valuable to developers and recently sold out. All the major gun clubs have waiting lists. I applaud Owens's office for trying to find places to put ranges.

Bill Dietrick

When Wuss Comes to Worse

Of mouse and men: Jason Heller uses these words in his November 21 Critic's Choice on Owen: "...the wuss-rock frontier now populated by the likes of Modest Mouse and Jimmy Eat World...."

I'd really like to hear how he qualifies that remark, at least as far as Modest Mouse is concerned. Why, exactly, are they "wuss rock"?

Brian Sauer
San Diego

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