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At Home With the Homeless

What would Jesus do? Regarding Harrison Fletcher's "The Misfits," in the November 28 issue:

Doyle Robinson is absolutely right. Jesus said to minister to people in need -- including the lowest members of society, as Jesus himself did. Too bad most Christians are not Christlike. They ignore the instructions of Jesus that have to do with treating others with kindness and compassion. I am not a Christian, but you do not have to be a Christian to see the value in the words of Jesus that advocate treating others decently. Jesus said: "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me" (Matthew 25:40; read Matthew 25:31-46). It's nice to see a Christian actually dealing with others as Jesus instructs -- with kindness and decency.

As for the fact that "one church group recently withdrew its funding because it decided Doyle's "'parishioners' weren't doing enough to support his ministry financially": What do people think -- that the church is supposed to make a profit? That's why they call them nonprofits, and that's why the citizens pay their taxes for them -- supposedly so that they can do just the kind of work that Doyle and his people are doing.

Benton Wheeler
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Support Sox: Thank you for the excellent article about Sox Place. Is there an address I can send a check to, in support of Sox Place?

Paul Merrill

Jesus weekly? Christian missionaries in Skyline Park. Christian dormitories in a residential neighborhood. "Biblically correct" tours of educational and historical institutions. Christian bikers. It strikes me as curious that over recent months, there have been so many articles with Christianity playing a large part in the stories. There were two such articles in the November 28 issue: Harrison Fletcher's "The Misfits" and David Holthouse's "Houses of God." I enjoyed both pieces, but why the sudden interest in all things Christian? Perhaps you could bring back "Jesus of the Week" to satisfy the craving.

O'Ryan Martin-Renaissance

Sleaze and thank you: Has Westword suddenly found religion? For a few weeks there, the responses to David Holthouse's October 17 "Book, Chapter and Verse" made reading your Letters section like sitting through Sunday school. And then we got Julie Jargon's "Heaven on Wheels," in the November 7 issue, about religious bikers, for crissakes!

Where's the government corruption, the prostitutes on Colfax, the usual Westword fare? More sleaze, please.

Jamie Moore

Editor's note: No, Westword writers haven't become a bunch of holy rollovers. The recent spate of religion-related features is a coincidence, not a conspiracy. (But wait! Is that Jesus's face appearing on the breakfast burrito before me?) O'Ryan Martin-Renaissance can take heart in the fact that "Jesus of the Week" is alive and well (and still a frequent offender) on our Web site, For Paul Merrill and others moved by Harrison Fletcher's story on Doyle Robinson, donations can be made to Sox Place, 2017 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80202 (303-296-3443). And finally, we're closing the book on David Holthouse's "Book, Chapter and Verse" with a trio of letters at the end of this page.

An Age-Old Story

Panty raid: I find myself in the perplexing predicament of writing a letter that might actually defend (gasp!) that scoundrel Michael Roberts. His November 21 "Old at Heart" was not a particularly earth-shattering piece. (Was the pitch line that the media doesn't speak to youth? Duh. I mean, tell me something I don't know, Mikey.)

I'm not sure what Mr. Roberts said that got granny's panties in such a tightly wound wad -- but the letters that followed in the November 28 issue were unbelievably ageist, inane and frightening.

JM Schell: Are you steppin' up to me, Dad? You want a piece of me and my friends, or what? I can't figure out if Mr. Schell's comments about the younger generation's "lack of brain work," "wild abandonment" and the classic (if dated) "young and dumb and fulla cum" are due to his own sexual inadequacies, or if he is simply lashing out at his transparent fear of death. He correctly states that "Britanni and Courtni got picked up at a club" should not ever make the nightly news -- so when the young impish Bush daughters got busted with booze or the previous president got a blow job under his desk, why did every major news source find that so newsworthy? Because the mass-corporate-sponsored-government-controlled media outlets like to make everyone under thirty look bad so that Grandpa Jackoffs like JM can feel better about their youth slowly slipping away as they sell one more bottle of Just for Men? I, myself, and most of my friends prefer to get our news from the Internet or independent radio sources that have not been completely corrupted by money-hungry sponsors and marketers. But go right ahead and continue to get your spoon-fed, sugarcoated mush -- now with added fiber -- from the glossy-teethed and siliconed news teams as you continue to live your life in fear (of youth, of Al-Qaeda, of regret), Mr. Schell, while I relax on the beautiful beaches of Bali. Oh, and hey, Top Notch, who the hell do you think is going to be taking care of your ass in another ten years?

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