Letters to the Editor

Lineman for the County

Half-Bakered: The people of Arapahoe County knew what they were doing when they voted for Tracy Baker in November. The Arapahoe County commissioners can just live with him until six months pass and the voters recall him.

Besides, if Baker resigned early, who would everyone talk about? Koleen Brooks's trial is over. What would Patricia Calhoun have done instead of her Mad Libidos ("It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," January 16)? That was ADJECTIVE funny!

In these depressing times, we need Baker to kick around. EXCLAMATION.

Rae Fried

Rights and wrong: A cheap shot. That's what I call Patricia Calhoun's "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." She did not stop at ridiculing Tracy Baker and other Arapahoe County officials, but went on to make fun of Baker's lawyer, too. But even Baker has a right to a defense. How many stories have I read in Westword defending the rights of prisoners?

Jill Conrad
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Hot to trot: Enough with the games -- when can we read the complete e-mails? They look hotter than the Hayman Fire!

Rick Vigil
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License to Chill

Whine's up: Reading the letter-writers' whining regarding parking in Denver in the last issue, it seems that Westword has a couple more entries for the "Quarter-Life Crisis" essay contest (January 2).

Larry Young complains that he was not informed that cars require plates on both front and back, and further whines, "It was never brought to my attention in Colorado Springs." And just who would you have read you life's instructions, Larry? Have you moved out of your mom's place? And Larry, if indeed 25 percent of all cars are not sporting a front plate (and that is a stretch, Larry), what about the 75 percent that do? Do you think we do that for fun, or aesthetics? C'mon, man, what did you think when you got the extra plate that comes for your car -- that maybe you keep it in the trunk as a spare, or maybe share it with a friend? It was not a buy-one-get-one-free deal. We can only hope, Larry, that someone "brought to your attention" that in addition to plates on your car, you also need insurance for your car. Otherwise, Denver might be better off if, in fact, you did avoid the big city.

Name Withheld surely needs to provide cheese with his first-class whine: "I didn't know I had them [parking tickets] because of misinformation from them, and postal errors." What? So many parking tickets you get the boot and it's their fault, they didn't inform you? Next chapter, you were admittedly speeding and got a ticket and it's their fault because they should be busting drugs? I believe you have shed a bit of insight as to your employment situation, or should I say lack thereof, and I wouldn't guess it's gonna change too soon. Yes, Name Withheld, you do have a choice, and it is very simple: Park correctly, don't speed and remember, it's your fault.

J.W. Sliter

Red Alert

Talk of the town: I'm glad you did a piece on radio talk-show host Scott Redmond ("Seeing Red," January 16). He was in the unenviable position of following the awesome talent of Reggie Rivers, but has done a good job of creating a forum where people of different ages, interests, incomes and ideologies can hear what's on the public's mind and contribute their own perspectives. Recent programs regarding foreign policy, the effects of media on children and homelessness have been wonderful dialogues -- made possible by Scott's readiness to take calls from people who respectfully disagree. It's a shame that his chat forum, like so many, became an arena of ridicule rather than discussion.

It would be fascinating if people who have long felt alienated from the AM airwaves (progressives, labor voices, gays, hippies, government employees, youth, the Christian left, feminists, etc.) shifted just a fraction of their attention away from NPR or music stations and included talk radio as part of their media diet. The AM radio waves could transition from being perceived as a neoconservative tribal gathering to becoming a genuine "Town hall" that many people at 630 KHOW, 850 KOA and 1510 KNRC have been working to create.

That's what democracy would look like.

Preston Enright

Lack to the future: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Seeing Red":

Scott Redmond is a guy who lacks talent. Thus, his political stance is irrelevant. He comes across as someone delicately traversing a tightrope above the abyss of a civil-service job.

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