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As for restaurants and bars, if they go non-smoking, I will not patronize them. I feel that it should be left up to the owner. You can't tell me that employees are stupid and need "them" to make employees' lives safer. Can't people decide for themselves what is right for them? Do all of us need to be guided through life like we have lost our decision-making abilities? What is to stop "them" from going after alcohol for a total ban? Maybe down the road we will only have eateries!

If they feel this way about cigarettes, then maybe cigarettes should be an illegal substance. That is how they are treating them. No matter what "they" choose to go after, it won't matter, because there will always be something dangerous out there. Matter of fact, getting out of your shower is dangerous to your body.

Great job. I look forward to reading more of Jason's articles.

Sandra Hagaman

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