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I have not used, nor do I intend to use, my newfound expression to satisfy any man's carnal enjoyment.

Laura Rector

Masterpiece Theater

Building concern: What, exactly, qualifies Daniel Libeskind's design for the DAM building expansion to be described as "a masterpiece"? It's clear Michael Paglia has only the highest praise for this project ("Sprouting Up," April 17), but what is he referring to? He doesn't tell us how the building's interior might help inform our understanding of art; why a jagged profile and a gleaming titanium skin are culturally relevant and thoughtful contributors to the neighboring Civic Center; or what sincere consideration has been given to the spaces between the buildings and the making of our outdoor experience.

The very eccentricity of this building calls for answers to fundamental questions. In what ways will the building facilitate the display of art or respond to the environment in which it is built? What are the lessons to be learned from Wright's Guggenheim or Gehry's Bilbao Guggenheim, both of whose usefulness and impact on the landscape are the subject of debate?

By now, we have heard enough that Libeskind is a world-class architect, Sharp is a brilliant museum director and Hamilton is an exalted benefactor. Amazing people, we are convinced. And no doubt the building shape and shine will be a marketing coup. But assuredly, beyond the hype, Paglia's column doesn't tell us why the building itself is noteworthy.

David Reusch

Art of Darkness

Color her world: Michael Paglia, I have to disagree with you on your review of Delka McCray's show at the Pirate Gallery ("Artbeat, April 3). I am by no means an art critic, but I know what I like. The paintings Dancers" and "Haunting" really moved me, and the colors could not have been chosen better to match the scene of the paintings. Her paintings not only held your attention, but they pulled you into their energy. I would call her work astonishing and mesmerizing. I totally love it.

Delores Risberg
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