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My only regret is that those going down the same pathway as Justin will not read this. "Those who do not learn or remember the past are condemned to repeat it," to paraphrase a great author. I think Justin is well on his way to doing exactly this: forgetting his crime by substituting excuses to justify it. Unless an epiphany enters his deranged cranium, he will continue to whine like a silver-spoon-fed baby in that jail cell that I'm paying my hard-earned taxes for. Unless he becomes a man and takes responsibility for his own actions. It's up to him to disprove my perception without the use of violence, and with the greater power of knowledge. Only then will he earn the respect of his peers.

Thank you, Mr. Holthouse, for shedding a different light by writing an excellent article.

Adriana Martinez

A Read Letter Day

Village voices: I read the letters in the May 8 issue with amusement. Talk about your good, your bad and your ugly! You guys must be doing something right to provoke such a variety of strong opinions.

For the record, I had a heck of a time reading the activities notices as they had been appearing for the last several weeks, so I'm glad to know they are on the Web at a less torture-making size!

Oh, and while I will argue with Jason Sheehan about smoking till the cows come home, I think he is doing a first-rate job, and I always enjoy his reviews. I'm glad his work has been nationally recognized. Maybe there is hope for us as a food town.


Ellen Hertzman
via the Internet

Monumental Stupidity

The art of the deal: After reading Patricia Calhoun's "Go Figure," in the May 8 issue, I went to see the Borofsky sculptures she wrote about. Put me down in the "revile" category, and that's before those awful things are even standing. But once they are, Denver will have the perfect monument to the Webb years, when art (and everything else) was all about how this city looked to the rest of the world, and not what it meant to the people who live here.

We paid $1.55 million for this, when Denver's trying to figure out how to cut $50 million from the budget? If we can't return them to the artist (my first choice), let's do the second-best thing: name them "Wellington and Wilma."

Harriet Wilson

That's the way the cookie crumbles: Lillian Norgren's May 1 letter does contain one truth: Mayor Webb is dedicated. But I take issue concerning the recipients of that dedication. Ms. Norgren says Webb has been "genuinely responsive" -- but it hasn't been to "Denver's needs," as she suggests, but rather to the petty, self-indulgent wants of the rich.

For one example (and there are several), he turned the old Stapleton airport (a perfect facility for the disenfranchised/homeless and low-income population) into yet another Yuppie Village, with homes costing in the $200,000-to-$300,000 range (and up). And as a token for the less fortunate, he added a "few" homes in a slightly lower price range. When confronted by the press concerning his repeated neglect of the low-income bracket, his response was essentially, "I do as much as other community leaders." That's akin to saying it's all right to kick puppies because the fellow down the street drowns cats. I hope and pray that the next mayor dedicates himself to serving the entire population of Denver -- including those whom Webb ignored (apparently because there's just no profit in housing and feeding the poor).

Ms. Norgren ended her letter with a proposal that "a grand memorial" be built for Mayor Webb. I have the perfect solution: a giant Oreo cookie.

Melinda Brindley

The grass is always greener: Patricia Calhoun should check out the new sculpture in the median on Broadway near Yale at the Englewood city limits. Are we entering the land of mutant giant crabgrass?

Kevin Cooney

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Caller ID: The May 8 Off Limits item regarding campaign-related phone calls rang true to me. I received a message from Manny Flores, who let me know that "for a city that works, we need an alderman who works for us." I really wished I could have been one of his ninety votes to avoid the nasty runoff. Later that afternoon I received the phone poll from Adele Arakawa. At least she was quick.

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