Letters to the Editor

Ticket to Pride

Hair today, gone tomorrow: Regarding Kenny Be's artful malice in his June 19 Worst-Case Scenario,"The Straight Person's Guide to Gay Pride":

Kenny Be and I have never met, yet the man has savaged me twice now. It's only a cartoon; does he have to portray my receding hairline so precisely?

State representative Shawn Mitchell

If the shoe fits: Kenny Be, your unflattering, mean-spirited and slanderous depiction of me in the June 19 Worst-Case Scenario again shows your ignorance and vulgarity. You have drawn me in a tight woman's dress wearing a pearl necklace, large hoop earring and high-heeled shoes.

I would never wear hoop earrings with a pearl necklace. I only wear understated pearl earrings with such a necklace. And I never have, and never will, wear white pumps with my little black dress, as you have drawn. Shoes make the outfit.

You know nothing about cross-dressing. Pick up a fashion magazine every now and then.

P.S. I am not fat, damn it. I'm big-boned.

Jon Caldara, president
The Independence Institute

The Grapes of Wrath

Playing right field: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Public Row," in the June 26 issue:

It tastes like sour grapes. But it smells like liberal spin. Since far-left mouthpiece - and oh, yeah, lawyer -- Dani Newsum was canned for denigrating her KBDI Channel 12 Head On boss and ideological opposite John Andrews, the media's been struggling to stuff sixty pounds of excuses and righteous indignation into the forty-pound sack of reality. From the wholly objective Diane Carman and Dusty Saunders to the thoroughly neutral Newsum herself, lefties have been baying on cue about how "unfair" it is that she got the ol' heave-ho. Ignoring entirely the question of why this supposed professional believes she can spew crude, boorish insults at another actual professional and suffer no ill, the left-liberal media has thrown up a smoke screen (clever, you libbies!) to keep one of their own from looking like the flap-gummed fool conservatives have always known Newsum to be.

To the left-leaning media (e.g., Mssr. Roberts), the issue can't be allowed to become fellow traveler Newsum's loutish behavior, pathological inability to curb her big mouth and self-serving ass-covering. No, it's KBDI's having the huevos to sell air time to...a conservative! Isn't Channel 12 public TV, after all? And isn't public TV a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee? Oh, the humanity!

Michael Roberts glosses over the fact that KBDI also sells airtime to lefties like dogmatic socialist sleep aid Aaron Harber. Apparently, it's only when conservatives dare to knock the shit off'n their heels in the pristine parlor of public TV that the issue of selling airtime suddenly seems so dirty. As for Ms. Newsum, she might want to consider a refresher course in reading contracts at the DU School of Law. She musta been out marching to save the baby grasshoppers the day they covered that.

JM Schell

Playing left field: Michael Roberts's piece depicted a nauseating picture; even PBS, the people's airwaves, doesn't run on pixie dust. KBDI must sell its Berkeley-born soul to survive, even to GOP fat cats. Still, what burns my ass more is KBDI's bending over for Republican propaganda to paint and taint PBS, or the senator's Major Frank Burns move to tailor his opposition because Dani, pulling no punches, characterized Andrews as a "contemptible fraud and disgrace." If the shoe fits...

Brand me bitter, but admit the familiar role that color, class and gender play in these Archie Bunker-backlash times we're living in. Repressing a strong soul sister and replacing her with yet another Mary Poppins liberal yuppie who'd rather represent polar bears, the Everglades, prairie dogs and tall pygmies and, with misplaced missionary zeal, pathetically present moderate, watered-down arguments on behalf of people of color and blue-collared Americans.

Who sits at the big table is no accident. KBDI, taking the spineless Gumby position of backing the senator, illustrates conservative influence excluding a formidable foe from representation at the table. Media management supplies little balance, happily satisfying the lack of demand in the marketplace for progressive black thought that's critical of this American utopia. Without question, America's establishment has no critic more dogged than black folks, yet by eyeing the media landscape, who would know? Evidently, white America knows, and it enjoys the marginalization of constructive commentary in this arena while still demanding a pat on the back for tolerating moderates masquerading as liberals.

Afro-Americans reading the news is one thing, while Afro-Americans offering an opinion is...bitching.

Please, ol' great any white editor, permit me to tell it the way it really is; this conflict is greater than being unable to play together. Andrews applied Preparation H to his pain-ridden Republican ass. So, like a child exiting the principal's office or a maid leaving the presence of her boss, Dani was rudely reminded of her place -- and what money can buy.

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