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Thanks for the memories, bro! Keep on fighting the good fight! We are listening!

Andy Menconi
San Francisco

Rock of ages: Oh, boy. Westword's hired yet another young, angry music crit who's going to set the city on fire with his opinion and stick it to the mainstream. Been there. Read that. Wrote that, even, many years ago.

"Ah, you know, some babies never learn." -- Dylan/Shepard, "Brownsville Girl"

Justin Mitchell

Thumbs up: Just a note to tell you how impressed I am with Herrera's fabu column and writing style, his careful navigation through the loyal reader land mines to provide insightful prose, and a few teasing unanswered questions (like the band name that makes his mother flinch). He's all out there and up close.

Catherine Cross
via the Internet

Statue of Limitations

Dumb luck: Regarding Michael Paglia's "Dumb and Dumber," in the June 26 issue:

Thanks so much for the article on that awful Borofsky statue outside the Denver Center. It's just embarrassing. My son, who is nine, comments on how bad it is. Doesn't that say something?

We laugh when I do my impression of the (shockingly similar) Star Wars: The Phantom Menace characters: WELCOME TO CAMINO. But the difference is that those characters were better designed. Yeesh. Thanks to Michael Paglia for expressing clearly how bad this piece is. I hate it, too. And it just makes me sad when I think of the wonderful works that money could have purchased to truly make that area an enjoyable sculpture park.


Teresa Roberts Logan

Don't forget Art Garfunkel: God bless Tiny Tim and Michael Paglia.

Paglia should be knighted for his candor and honesty about the Denver art scene. His "Dumb and Dumber" was brilliant. We need the incoming mayor to make certain that people in charge of major art projects know the difference between Art Deco and Art Carney.

Thomas G. Turnquist

The Dark Side of the Moon

Soul on nice: John La Briola's review of Matthew Moon's XOM (Playlist, June 19) exposes him as one who is missing his soul.

He obviously is out of touch with the little details that mean so much to so many people. Maybe he should listen to the music without a callous disdain, which is no doubt a result of some deficiency in his past.

Hopefully, he can get over himself and learn to see the good things in life.

Peter Sidles
Greenwood Village

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