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Mark Lane

The bright stuff: I just got through reading "See Jane Read," and it was like déjà vu for my husband and me. We went through the wringer trying to get services in the Cherry Creek school district for my bright, articulate daughter who also has a disability. (We finally gave up and do what we can ourselves.) We have been called bad parents, been blamed for her problems, been told her problems don't exist... It was a real nightmare!

So much of that story rang true to me, and I've seen it again and again through friends and other parents. I am a part-time educator, and I still wonder when the powers-that-be are going to wake up and just start meeting kids' needs. Thanks for shedding some light on this very pervasive problem!

Name withheld on request

Money to burn -- and learn: I was struck by how much effort the Komperda family has put into compelling the St. Vrain school district to provide every possible effective educational strategy for their daughter. I have to wonder what might otherwise have been accomplished with the time and money, and how many hours of tutoring could have been arranged for the price of Ms. Komperda's representatives and lawyers. According to Julie Jargon's article and at the exorbitant rate of $60/hour for a tutor, quite a bit. The Komperdas seem more interested in criticizing the actions taken by the school district to assist Ms. Komperda than in actually doing something.

Based upon my own personal experience, better solutions exist than those being pursued by the Komperdas. Jane Komperda does not need her mother or a tutor to read all of her textbooks to her. My sister cannot read at all because she is blind, and yet she still utilized tools such as teachers, audio books and computer-based programs to scan in her textbooks to overcome this disability. Not only does she attend college, but she was awarded a full-ride scholarship to Colorado College by excelling in difficult courses like advanced-placement physics, advanced-placement calculus and advanced-placement language throughout high school.

Finally, I would suggest the possibility that the rise in Ms. Komperda's test scores is due more to her involvement in challenging texts through a normal English literature/language class than the involvement of a $60-an-hour tutor.

Elliot Dickerson
Greenwood Village

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