Letters to the Editor

What Would Jesus Do?

He'd raise a glass: Regarding Marty Jones's "Salvation by the Glass," in the February 5 issue:

A thousand blessings on such a cool church! Jesus always hung out with the "disreputable" people when he was on Earth -- I think he'd fit right in with this church. There's another church that meets somewhere downtown that's called "Scum of the Earth." Although I love my church, and I know Jesus loves us, too, I have a feeling he'd prefer to hang out in one of these two churches!

Elizabeth Humphrey

What a Bunch of Boobs!

Breast wishes: Thanks be to God, because I think Patricia Calhoun just wrote a positive article on Focus on the Family ("Boob Tube," February 5). What a refreshing change from her usual garbage!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

Joe Hernandez
via the Internet

Bosom buddies: Janet Jackson is the epitome of family values. Since her Super Bowl stunt, we haven't heard a bit about her brother on the news. Who else has a sister that would be so giving?

Jim Burness

Laying it on the line: Though I was not expecting a publicity stunt like this, I am certainly not surprised by the now-infamous "wardrobe malfunction." Therefore, after reading Patricia Calhoun's "Boob Tube," I find it completely naive for Daniel Weiss to feel that American families were "assaulted by such a profane and indecent performance."

"Assaulted" gives the impression that this type of thing is random and infrequent. For these whiny Christian conservatives to go up in arms over one, just one, nearly middle-aged woman's breast proves to me that, as usual, they are oblivious to the real problems of our corporate-controlled media. Like little guinea pigs, they press the panic button over a little bit of exposed skin shown to them by a music-industry giant, MTV, whose number-one business and marketing tactic is sex appeal. What did they expect? A halftime show of entertainers who all intentionally exhibit sex appeal through lyrics or bodily expression to not push the envelope when money is at stake?

The stunt worked perfectly for CBS: It took a lot of heat off of them for their "no advocacy ad" hypocrisy, distracting the sheep from realizing the corporate propaganda machine at work -- especially that advocacy ad from the Partnership for a Pharmaceutical-Drug-Filled America.

Daniel, when it comes to HB1078, it would be beneficial for Colorado and the rest of America if you would take a Levitra, get laid and lighten up. Do it for America.

Peter Cohen

Focus on your own damn family: Yes, I was shocked, to say the least, about the Super Bowl halftime show -- but not for the reasons you might think. Once again, we have indisputable proof that this nation is in serious trouble. I, like many of my friends, watched the Super Bowl in its entirety and didn't know anything was wrong until the next day, when I was bombarded with senseless media coverage about an event that was as insignificant as Ben and Jen's breakup.

The rest of the civilized world must be getting a good laugh not seen since the Clinton era about how we are totally freaked out by a breast. It makes us look like complete morons with nothing better to do with our time. When are we going to break free of the dark ages and realize that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of? Have the Christian conservatives succeeded in in brainwashing us to believe that seeing a nipple for a split second will warp our children's values for life? What's next, the halftime show, brought to you by Focus on the Family?

In this country's present state of affairs, we have terrorism to deal with, as well as a quickly increasing deficit, a huge homeless population, troops dying every day overseas, unsolved murders and wondering who will be the next president -- but we are all fixated on a breast. To top it off, the FCC (a useless organization itself) is going to launch a (taxpayer-funded) probe into the matter. Who knows how much that will cost? Personally, I think the money would be better spent on after-school programs or more food stamps for the elderly, but I'm just an average Joe -- so what do I know?

I guess the joke's on us as a nation until we take our heads out of our posteriors and learn to differentiate between what's important and what's not.

Keith Badgett

A Hard Lesson

Mongolian hoard: Regarding Jared Jacang Maher's "Visa -- It's Everywhere You Want to Be," in the January 15 issue:

Nice article on Amarzaya Toodoi. I've been researching things like this that have been happening to foreign students since after 9/11 with all the new, strict laws. I had no idea that Denver had such a large Mongolian population, but it makes sense. The story was really informative -- is there any news on whether the kid was able to get back into the country? The article said he had a hearing/meeting on January 21. It sounds like he had a lot of people fighting for his cause; it's nice to know that some people still care.

Liz Lorang

Jared Jacang Maher responds: It's beginning to look like the only American education Amarzaya Toodoi will be getting is a tutorial in the ol' red, white and screw-you. A year ago, the Community College of Denver student was sent back to his home country of Mongolia by the INS to renew his student visa with the U.S. Embassy there. Consul Mark Hill denied Toodoi's request several times, prompting an inquiry by Senator Wayne Allard's office. The 24-year-old waited nearly eight months for an interview; last month, noting Toodoi's passion for his studies, a temporary consul agreed to grant the student visa pending proof that Toodoi could support himself in the U.S. (the amount required was about what he had spent on lawyer and travel fees since his ordeal began: $6,000). Toodoi returned the next day with $10,000 in traveler's checks that he said came from his girlfriend's parents; the consul questioned whether the money was legitimate. Toodoi's Denver-based attorney was able to schedule another interview last week, when Toodoi produced documentation on the source of the cash. But by then, Hill had returned to his position, and he again denied Toodoi the visa.

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